Night-O Results – Milford & Highfields

Mark Garside and Jonathan Howell organised the latest 2 races of the night-O league in Milford and Highfields, Stafford.  It’s very close at the top of the table, with just 3 points separating the first 4 runners.  Here are the results so far, arranged as best of 5 as there are 7 events in this half season. 2018_Street_O @ 10 Mar

Brindley Heath Results

We offer our sincere apologies for the problems on the courses today with missing controls / controls in the wrong place. The problem has been traced to a previous version of both the map and course planning files being used for printing (see maps below for more detail). A particular sorry to those new to orienteering who struggled on Orange and Light Green – please do not let this experience put you off.

The controller and organiser feel the best solution to the issue is to let the results stand as best as they can be published for the day, however that the event is voided from a West Midland League and National Ranking Point view. A decision on the WCH club championships will be taken once the results have been processed..

Apologies again, we hope that at least the beautiful weather made up for it a little.

Results are here

The results have had no legs removed – just missed controls credited but it is possible to see time lost in the splits.

Below the two versions of the all controls map for those that want to see where the issues affected them……

Controls Put Out


Controls as per your maps

Night-O results – Huntington and Barton

The latest 2 night-O’s of the 2018 league took place in late January, hosted by John Robinson in Huntington and Neil Lawford in Barton. A great turnout at both races, and an extremely tight finish in Barton.  Next race in a couple of weeks in Milford.  Here are the latest standings in the league 2018_Street_O @ 3 Feb

2018 WCH Night-O League

The first 2 club night-O’s for the 2018 season have now taken place, organised by Allan in Tamworth and Christine in Baswich.  Current standings are here: 2018_Street_O @11 Jan

Night-O 2017 League Results

The last 2 night-O’s of 2017 took place just before Christmas organised by Dan and Kelvin.  It was a close run competition in the end, with Jon winning the men’s competition, followed by Ray who just pipped Andy into 3rd.  In the women’s competition it was even closer, with Christine winning on count-back over Cath. Well done all.  Here are the full results:  2017_Street_O (Final)
The 2018 season starts this Thursday in Tamworth.

New Years Day Score Results

Apologies for the gremlins at download, Autodownload has been revamped (now called SI Timing) and its the first time we have used it for mass start.

Corrected results here including the club results – congratutalons to OD for retaining the Trophy

Route Gadget Analysis here – draw on your route or upload a GPS track or just look at the order controls were taken on a map!


‘Mungo Bone’ 2017 Results

Here for splits

Mungo Bone 2017
Start Time Run Time Race Time Position
Bob Dredge 6.30 16.58 23.28 1
Dave Smith 5.15 19.11 24.26 2
Dave Peel 9.00 15.46 24.46 3
Phil Green 4.45 20.02 24.47 4
Mike Musters 6.00 18.48 24.48 5
Mark Stodgell 7.30 17.25 24.55 6
Andy Yeates 7.15 18.07 25.22 7
Jenny Peel 6.30 18.54 25.24 8
Jonathan Howell 6.15 19.13 25.28 9
Clare Garside 7.00 19.15 26.15 10
Ray Collins 6.00 20.17 26.17 11
Alistair Ross 7.15 19.06 26.21 12
Neil Adams 7.00 19.46 26.46 13
Dave Brown 7.30 19.31 27.01 14
Holly Stodgell 6.15 21.23 27.38 15
John Robinson 5.00 23.02 28.02 16
Holly Hughes 7.45 20.33 28.18 17
Amy Ward 0.00 29.19 29.19 18
Junior Race
Oscar Peel 12.08
Nathen Peel 18.43
Isla Piercy 21.19
Amber Piercy 25.48




Sherbrook South Results

Results available here

How did you do? Results and route analysis available



RouteGadget  (draw you route or upload a GPS trace)

Note: Event safety is always paramount. A competitor today did not ‘download’ or report to the results team that they had retired. From information gained from safety slips  (which is why we ask you to fill them out, thankyou) and assumptions made we eventually had to conclude they had left the event. Please always report to download or an official that you are back and safe.