Domination Middle Race, Shoal Hill

Thanks, Ray, for tonights fun courses.

Results available here

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Unfortunately Routegadget is being problematic because of the butterflies ūüôĀ Sorry.

Domination standings after 2 events:

Name Classic Race Middle Race Total
Iain Stamp 100 100 200
Mark Stodgell 91 76 167
Andy Yeates 80 71 151
Simon Webb 83 66 149
Ray Collins 71 71 142
Henry Webb 79 47 126
Neil Pollitt 82 82
Ian Hughes 78 78
Allan Williams 68 68
Kelvin Dawson 66 66
John Robinson 65 65
Judith Hughes 63 63
Tom O’Boyle 63 63
Claire Bushnell 62 62
Cath Williams 62 62
Mike Musters 61 61
Dave Brown 60 60
Chris Boycott 59 59
Jonathan Howell 58 58
Ian Jones 56 56
Holly Stodgell 56 0 56
Dougie Craig 54 0 54
Jim Knight 53 0 53
Alison Yeates 46 46
Bob Dredge 45 45
Alfie Spencer 44 44
Christine Collins 43 43
Mary Adams 41 41 82
Neil Adams 40 40 80
Hazel Waters 37 37
Holly Craig 33 33
Dan Wright 32 32
Mark Garside 0 0
Andy Waters 0 0

Stampy is Top Man, Judith remains Top Woman & Henry Top Junior. The next event in the series is the Peel Pursuit on June 21st, details to follow.

Mansty Results

Thanks to all who came and ran in the glorious weather today.  Thanks also to Ray Collins for planning, Barry Houghton for controlling and Ian Jones & Jonathan Howell for organising.

We would like to wish Doug Peel (our Club President and also the mapper for Mansty and Fullmoor) a very happy 80th birthday!

Results are available here

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Tamworth Urban 2016 Results

DSC_0198Results here

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Winsplits here

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Domination Race 1

Many thanks to Neil (& Mary!) for braving the rain, snow, hail, freezing temperatures and arguments to plan & organise the first of this years Domination Series of events from Seven Springs.

No surprise that Stampy has taken an early lead with a convincing win!

The next event in the series is (at the moment!) on Tuesday, 7th May, again from Seven Springs.


Name Course Time Points
Iain Stamp Long 00:37:25 100
Mark Stodgell Long 00:40:58 91
Simon Webb Long 00:44:50 83
Neil Pollitt Long 00:45:23 82
Andy Yeates Long 00:46:49 80
Henry Webb Long 00:47:43 79
Ian Hughes Long 00:48:00 78
Ray Collins Long 00:53:04 71
Allan Williams Long 00:55:23 68
Judith Hughes Long 00:59:25 63
Claire Bushnell Long 00:59:41 62
Jonathan Howell Long 01:04:41 58
Ian Jones Long 01:06:51 56
Holly Stodgell Long 01:07:00 56
Douggie Craig Long 01:09:31 54
Kelvin Dawson Short 00:37:20 66
Chris Boycott Short 00:41:57 59
Jim Knight Short 00:46:05 53
Maddy Batchelor Yellow 00:51:51
Pollitt girls Yellow 01:01:56

Barton Night-O Results

nightrunnerThanks to Neil for last night’s courses around Barton. ¬†So, at the end of the spring season, we have a new leader in Dave while Christine leads the ladies. ¬†More in the autumn…Night-O 2016 #4

Compass Sport Cup Qualifier 2016


Compass Sport Cup and Trophy results

Last Control to the Finish – Run-in times




All the entries came in via spreadsheet from club captains. There have been a number of typos, apologies if your ranking points have not appeared it will be because your BOF number is incorrect in the captains spreadsheets.
Please contact with any queries.

Organiser’s comments:¬†‘A great days orienteering enhanced by the spring sunshine. ¬†Well done to David for his skilful planning,¬†overseen by controller¬†Richard¬†, both of whom have guided¬†Liz and myself in our first event as organisers!¬†Many thanks especially to all the volunteer helpers including many numerous extras¬†on the road crossing – your support¬†was invaluable’ Claire Bushnell


Baswich Night-O Results

nightrunnerAfter last night’s race organised by Ray,¬†Tom takes the lead while Cath remains top lady. ¬†More in 2 weeks time. ¬†Results so far this series are here…Night-O 2016 #3

Chasewater Results

Results available here

Winsplits analysis here

Splitsbrowser analysis here

Routegadget available here

We hope everyone enjoyed their splash around Chasewater, and made use of the rugby club afterwards to warm up.

Well done to Tom for his first attempt at planning – not the easiest area to produce interesting courses on, thanks to Mike for controlling and to Bob for organising together with his team of willing volunteers.

Chasers next event is the Compass Sport Cup qualifying round on Haywood Warren on 13 March, 2016. Details are here.

Organisers comments:
Thanks to all who came and more so to all the volunteers. We hope you enjoyed the day and the facilities – and thanks to those who used the clubhouse. They were very happy with us and I think it was a real bonus for this time of the year.
One bit of property – dibber 98889789 – is with me and I believe belongs to a member of OD. Please contact me to arrange its return – 01785 665167