Training camp, Lakes

The juniors on the camp having fun

The juniors on the camp having fun

A fab pre-JK training camp was held in the Lakes last weekend with the aim of familiarising ourselves with the type of terrain to expect and learning how to navigate in it.
The weekend went from learning about contour interpretation and navigation to the Training Champs, with everyone making huge improvements as the weekend went on.
Fun & games were had by all, with a sociable night in Ambleside YHA.
Results from the Training Champs are here for Routegadget and here for Splitsbrowser – well done to everyone who ran, the only time all weekend it rained on us, & boy, did it rain!!
Many thanks to all who put out, collected in, carried, supervised, supported, transported & generally made the weekend a success :)
Bring on the JK!

2015 Midlands Championships Results


Congratulations to everyone who competed in today’s Midland Championships.  We hope you enjoyed it!  Thanks go to Pat Murray for organising, Ray Collins for planning and Graham Nilsen for controlling.  Special thanks to Allan Williams on commentary who stepped in at the last moment and did a great job.


Results and splits by course and class are here

Splitsbrowser here

Winsplits here

Routegadget here

Full list of the championship winners:

2015 Midland Champions

W10 Hannah Mather LOG M10 Harrington Leake LEI
W12 Rachel Duckworth DVO M12 Alex Wetherill WAOC
W14 Sarah Duckworth DVO M14 Ethan Tebbutt LEI
W16 Imogen Wilson LEI M16 Finn Lydon LEI
W18 Ella Gilbert NOR M18 Harrison McCartney OD
W20 Harriet Lawson OD M20 Matthew Elkington OD
W21 Emily Garside WCH M21 William Gardner OD
W35 Helen Chiswell DVO M35 Iain Stamp WCH
W40 Morlich Barnett POTOC M40 Martin Pigott POTOC
W45 Lesley Ross OD M45 John Duckworth DVO
W50 Sal Chaffey DVO M50 Dil Wetherill WAOC
W55 Carol Dredge WCH M55 Nicholas Evans NOC
W60 Ruth Lockley COBOC M60 Bob Dredge WCH
W65 Sheila Carey OD M65 Brian Hughes HOC
W70 Judy Douglas POTOC M70 Glynn Smith LEI
W75 Alison Sloman HOC M75 Roger Hailey OD
W80 Ursula Oxburgh WAOC M80 David Parkin DVO

Armitage Night-O Results

Armitage NightO Feb15Andy Yeates planned Thursday’s night O on a new map of Armitage, which was followed by a pub meal at the Ashtree.  Well done on a first win for Tom!  Dave is still in the lead for the men, with Christine now taking the lead for the women.  Next Night-O at Ray’s on 5th March.  Scores so far are:

Lichfield Barton Armitage
15-Jan 29-Jan 12-Feb Total
1 Dave 25 25 23 73
2 Jonathan 23 24 24 71
3 Andy 24 0 25 49
4 Simon 25 23 0 48
5 Tom 0 20 25 45
6 Ray 22 19 0 41
7 Neil A 0 18 19 37
8 Neil L 0 25 0 25
9 Kelvin 0 0 22 22
10 Allan 0 21 0 21
10 Christine 0 0 21 21
12 Mary 0 0 20 20

Barton Night-O Results

Neil Lawford organised last night’s night-O in Barton-under-Needwood.  A good turnout despite the snowy conditions!!  The scores so far are:

Lichfield Barton
15-Jan 29-Jan Total
1 Dave 25 25 50
2 Simon 25 23 48
3 Jonathan 23 24 47
4 Ray 22 19 41
5 Neil L 0 25 25
6 Andy 24 0 24
7 John 0 22 22
8 Allan 0 21 21
9 Tom 0 20 20
10 Neil A 0 18 18

Lichfield Night-O results

MoonThe first night-O of 2015 took place last night, organised by Dave Brown.  Just the 4 runners took part, all getting decent points to start the new league!
Next race on 29th Jan in Barton-under-Needwood.

1 Dave 25
2 Simon 25
3 Andy 24
4 Jonathan 23
5 Ray 22


Trig Point Race Results

Trig Point results here.

Race analysis splits by class here

Club Championships 2015

With thanks to Claire Bushnell for planning, Dave Thomas for controlling, and Garry Langston for organising today’s Club Championships.

Results available here

Golden shoe – fastest split from last control here  

Splitsbrowser analysis here

Winsplits analysis here 

Routegadget here – please, please, please put your route up!!

Club Champs prize winners here


Mungo Bone Results

ChristmasThe annual Mungo Bone Handicap Race took place today.  Some fast times were recorded, with the top spots going to Gareth Little with the overall win and fastest time, Ethan Evans (first junior), and Meg Colclough (fastest woman).  The social afterwards at Brocton Village Hall was as enjoyable as ever, with mince pies and Neil’s mulled wine.  Full results are here…..Mungo Bone 2014 Results