JIRCS 2015 Results

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Team results

Milford Night-O Results

The autumn night-O season began last night at Milford, organised by Cath Williams.  In the accumulated scores for the 2015 season, Dave has now edged into the lead, with Jonathan close behind.  Results so far are here….Night O 24Sept15.  More night-O in a fortnight.

Urban Training Results – Stafford 15th Sept

VictoriaParkStaffordTuesday night was the last of the summer season of training events.  A reasonable night as it turned out, after a rainy day.  A good few of the club turned out to try their hand at the courses set by John Robinson. The emphasis was on route selection and precise control placement. Just to make it more fun the control banners were omitted.
The courses were short 2k ish so people could run hard and then do another if they felt the urge. Tom won that section with 3 repeats. Inevitably people tended to be faster on the second or third attempt due to familiarity with both the area and control placement.  Results can be found here.
Winter training starts next Tuesday in the gym….

Domination Park Race Results

lichfieldTonight was the the latest in the Domination Series, with a park race in Beacon Park, Lichfield. Thanks to Dave Brown for organising and to those who helped collect in.  Results are as follows:

Long Course Time
Simon Webb 23.35
Ray Collins 25.24
Mark Garside 25.45
Kelvin Dawson 29.16
Holly Hughes 29.21
Gemma Cairns-Smith 29.35
Jim Knight 31.41
Mary Adams 33.28
Dave Thomas 33.58
Hazel Waters 34.12
Tom O’Boyle 35.13
Neil Adams 36.44
Alison Yeates 40.18
Andy Waters 50.48
Matt Hartland mp
Short Course Time
Joe Holland 12.23
Meg Colclough 14.19
Milly & Liz Holland 15.29
Daniel Wright 19.29
George Hughes 21.33
Oscar Barnby 25.55
Euan Barnby 26.10

Summer Handicap Run Results

HandicapRun2015Neil & Mary Adams organised this year’s handicap run from Brocton Coppice. A good turnout tonight and some fast times.  The results are here… PeelPursuit2015
The winners were:
Overall handicap winner – Amy Mitchell
Junior winner – Charlotte Cairns-Smith
Fastest run – Ian Hughes
We then retired to Jon Howell’s for a sociable BBQ with only a hint of drizzle!

Chasewater 7th July Training – Results

ChasewaterThanks to all who turned out on Tuesday night, and apologies for the undergrowth around control 2 and near 158 and 163. This had grown significantly since I checked the sites 4/5 weeks ago-and a lot more than I had expected. Special thanks to the juniors who turned up.

The senior course was probably a bit on the long side but it did give you a chance to run on an area new to many, and maybe also spot the red deer and very small fawns. Thanks for all the positive comments at the end – but why did no one use the bar?

As ever sincere thanks to Ray and Dave for collecting in controls.

Results (as best I can decipher them) are attached here… Chasewater7July15.

Domination Middle Race Results (Satnall Hills)

Here, slightly belatedly, are the results of the middle race that was held on Satnall Hills on 16th June:

N/C Duncan Birtwistle 24.24
1 Matt Hartland 24.53
2 Dave Brown 30.32
3 Mark Stodgell 30.34
4 Simon Webb 30.35
5 Cath Williams 34.08
6 Mike Musters 34.19
7 Kelvin Dawson 36.22
8 Bob Dredge 36.43
9 Tom O’Boyle 37.11
10 Claire Bushnell 38.13
11 Ian Jones 39.47
12 Neil Adams 41.42
13 Jon Howell 42.13
14 Mark Garside 42.20
15 Holly Hughes 42.44
16 Henry Webb 46.34
17 Chris Boycott 49.00
18 Carol Dredge 50.37
19 Holly Stodgell 54.05
20 Jim Knight 55.45
21 Mary Adams 56.10
22 Milly Holland 65.02

Domination Classic Results

Apologies for forgetting the printer paper for the results of the Domination Classic race, but well done to everyone who battled the terrain and found more controls than me (I’m a wimp!!).

Thanks to Iain for planning and to everyone who helped with control collection, gold stars for you.

Results are here, and will be added into the calculations for this years Domination series. The next event to count will be the summer handicap race on July 14th – you do need to pre-enter (to Ray) to count for points.

Matt Hartland 00:49:20
Tom O’Boyle 00:51:23
Henry Webb 01:10:30
Simon Webb 01:12:04
Ray Collins 01:14:51
Jonathan Howell 01:15:15
Carol Dredge 01:19:10
Dave Thomas Retired
Andrew Waters Missing 6-11
Ian Jones Missing 9-11
Neil Adams Missing 10-12
Riccardo Fernandes Missing 9-11
Kelvin Dawson Missing 6-12
Hazel Waters 00:57:52
Mary Adams 01:01:04
Holly Hughes 01:01:18
Chris Boycott 01:04:32
Jim Knight 01:10:35
Mystery Person 01:17:58
Adam Mardling Missing 7
Alfie Spencer 00:58:24
George Hughes 00:59:16

If the “mystery person” would like to own up to being themselves, I’ll add you to the results.