Stafford Castle Results

Thanks to Ray for getting us back onto this great little area.

Routegadget Results Available here

2019 Beginner series #1 results

Results and splits available here

Results analysis available here

West Midland School Champs 2019 – results

Results available here

Schools Team results

Winsplits analysis here

Draw your route or upload a GPS trace to Routegadget and Splitsbrowser Analysis here

Hednesford Camp Score Results

Tuesday night training was a Score event planned by Christine on Hednesford Camp.   A good turn out, and some close results.  There was a slight discrepancy between the start and finish SI boxes so times have been reduced by 20 seconds.   Results below:

Position Name Points
1 Iain Stamp 200
2 Mark Stodgell 200
3 Stuart Duckworth 190
4 Dan Findlay -Robinson 190
5 Ray Collins 190
6 Carol Dredge 168
7 Vicky McCreadie 167
8 Mike Musters 160
9 Hazel Waters 150
10 Ingwahang 150
11 Mel Hearn 150
12 Sally Hughes 140
13 Neil Adams 140
14 Mary Adams 140
15 Katie 114
16 Chris Boycott 100
17 John Robinson 100
18 Jonah Hearn 90
19 Fraser Stamp 90
20 Doug Peel 80

Rawnsley Domination Long Results

Link to splitsbroswer results

Domination 2019 – Middle Race

Results available on Splitsbrowser –

Night-O Results – Milford and Rugeley

The first half of the 2019 night-O season finished last Thursday, with the last 2 events being held in Milford (planned by Mark G) and Rugeley (planned by Kelvin). Thanks to all the organisers this season. Bob has a full sets of wins, with the pack close behind. We reconvene for the 2nd half of the night-O season in September as we’re back on the Chase next week as the evenings get lighter.

Badgerslade WML 2019 Results

Results here

Routegadget here

Winsplits here