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Permanent Courses


Birches Valley – Cannock Chase – Several courses are available at the Birches Valley Forestry Visitors Centre.  Follow the link for more information and to download the maps.


Individual Use

Once a map has been purchased or downloaded individuals can use the courses in their own time and at their own risk, as many times as they like. There is no need to pre book but any notices about forestry work should be read and acted upon.

School and Group Use

SCHOOLS and GROUPS who wish to use the Permanent Courses MUST PRE BOOK with the Forestry Commission and pay an access fee on each and every occasion even if they already have some maps. Maps can be re used but booking must be done each time a visit is planned and a fee paid. Please contact the Recreation Ranger at Birches Valley Forest Centre either by telephone 01889 586593 or by visiting the office to see if new maps need to be purchased and how the course will be used with your group. If a school group becomes a partner with Walton Chasers Orienteering Club through the school liaison officer, the maps can be purchased and the access fee set at very preferential rates. The Permanent Courses have been set up in such a way that it can be used as a teaching resource to help groups with the development of orienteering skills.

How to start orienteering on the Permanent Courses

All you need to do is, purchase (or download) the map, look at the information sheet and decide which course to try.  The courses are planned to yellow, orange and light green standard. Beginners should start with a yellow course, then try the orange and finally a light green course which is the most difficult of the suggested courses. It is then possible to make your own courses using all the controls.

What do you need?

Suitable clothing. A plastic bag for the map and a pen to copy the codes. A compass can be helpful but is not necessary.

We hope that many club members and those new to orienteering will enjoy using the Permanent Courses.

Further Information

For more information about orienteering events or how to join Walton Chasers please contact the Secretary at or see the information on this website. We hold regular orienteering events at which there is always help available for those new to orienteering. Just come along.