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2020 Night-O series results

The last night-O of the year was held in Etchinghill, Rugeley last Thursday, and concludes the 2020 season.  Somewhat different to usual of course, with the first half (until early March) as standard night-O, then the 2nd half was adapted to use the MapRunF app. It was close amongst the top 4, but Ray is… Read More »2020 Night-O series results

Mungo Bone Handicap 2020 Results

This year’s Mungo Bone Handicap Race was held over the space of a week, with runners putting in their times using the MapRunF phone app.  It wasn’t quite the wettest underfoot conditions but not far off it.Congratulations to John Robinson for securing victory over all-comers.  Top lady, and just behind John was Sue Garside.  Fastest… Read More »Mungo Bone Handicap 2020 Results

Brindley WML Results

Results Here Routegadget Here – how to use routegadget – upload your GPS trace Winsplits analysis here