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Types of event

The event structure below is new from 2011. British Orienteering events have moved from a 3 tier system to a 4 tier system, so check the flyer for each event to see what’s on offer.

Level D   encompass the wide range of events that Clubs in the UK wish to put on in order to provide opportunities for participants to orienteer at a venue near to them and at relatively low cost. Events are aimed at providing local competition and increasing participation. They may offer a full range of colour coded courses, varying in length and difficulty, with courses suitable for newcomers to the sport as well as for more experienced orienteers.  Times are usually 10.30am -12.30pm. Usually entry on the day only.

Level C   provide opportunities for participants seeking competition at a wider variety of venues and against a varied group of competitors but without wishing to travel great distances. Often the event counts towards the West Midlands League. Can be either entry on the day or online entry or possibly both

Level B   provide opportunities for more experienced competitors seeking a wider variety of terrain, challenging courses and competition, and who are prepared to travel longer distances for this (Formerly known as Badge Event) Large-scale event offering a range of badge courses, graded according to gender and age, though colour coding will be introduced during 2009. Times are usually 10.30am –12.30pm. Courses are usually pre-entry only (often via club’s website). A restricted range of colour coded courses will usually be provided, which are entry on the day.

Level A   are British Orienteering’s most prestigious events intended to provide opportunities for competitors to take part in the ultimate orienteering challenges in the UK, and support a programme of Major  Competitions Large-scale National Event, including Championships with courses planned according to age and gender. Pre-entry only for national event courses. Some entry on the day colour coded courses may also be available.

Evening/Night Events – Small-scale events offering courses to run in the dark, for experienced orienteers only, with headlights. Times depend on the time of sunset, but are normally 1830-1930.

Score Event – Time limited event (usually about 1 hour) to visit as many controls as possible within the time limit. Controls may be collected in any order. Difficult controls may be worth more points than easy controls. Penalty points for being late.

Long Orienteering (Long-O) – A Long Distance Foot Orienteering event. Distances between controls are significantly greater than normal orienteering courses and there is often a larger element of route choice between the controls with less emphasis on fine navigation near the control.

MTBO – Mountain Bike Orienteering

There are several different forms of mountain bike orienteering, either fixed order or time limited. The mountain bike must go to the control site.

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