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Smart phone / watch orientering

With MapRun you use a map to find a series of locations (commonly called controls) against the clock while travelling on foot. Your smartphone or smartwatch (Garmin only at the moment) is used to time your walk/run and to tick off the locations using its GPS as you find them. You can take part by yourself or in a group, but the beauty of MapRun is that, even when you do it on your own, once you have finished your course you can instantly view your results and compare how you did to everyone else who has done the course. It is a form of orienteering, but you do not need to be familiar with orienteering to enjoy MapRun. There are MapRun events all around the world in a variety of places, from cities and towns to parkland and forests.
To find out more about the App visit and

Our mapruns can be found in the app through select event and then drilling down through the menu – UK, Staffordshire – links are also available to download and print your own paper map.

Birches Valley

The Forestry England Ladyhill Permanent courses are map run enabled

Hendnesford Camp

BO – Find my Way – Hednesford Camp MediumDownload link for map
BO – Find my Way – Hednesford Camp ShortDownload link for map