Shugborough Relays

Action shots:

Shug relays

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Presentation evening photos

dsc_0127Congratulations to all Chasers trophy winners who were awarded their prizes at the celebration evening organised by Kelvin at Brocton village hall.

As well as the awards from the Club Championships a fortnight ago, prizes were awarded for the summer Domination Series, the Winter Night League, Best Performance by a Junior and by a Senior, Most Improved Junior and Senior and Contribution to the Club. Well done everyone!

For those who were missing the club party or dinner to go along with the prize giving, watch this space!

Mungo Bone Results and Photos

img_0885Many thanks to Ray for organising todays Mungo Bone, including the best weather we have had for years! It was great to see so many faces running and supporting and drinking the mulled wine!




Senior results

Forename Surname Age Class Handicap Run time Handicap time
Jonno Pybus M21 00:12:30 00:13:58 26.26 N/C
Emily Garside W21 00:08:30 00:18:20 26.50
Matt Hartland M16 00:11:45 00:15:31 27.16
John Robinson M60 00:09:45 00:17:50 27.25
Simon Hargrave M40 00:11:30 00:15:58 27.28
Gemma Cairns-Smith W16 00:08:00 00:19:31 27.31
Iain Stamp M21 00:12:00 00:15:46 27.46
Simon Webb M35 00:13:00 00:14:55 27.55
Andrew Yeates M50 00:11:15 00:16:52 28.07
Beth Clayton W50 00:09:15 00:18:56 28.11
Stuart Walton M45 00:05:30 00:22:56 28.26
Henry Webb M12 00:09:00 00:19:28 28.28
Christine Collins W50 00:06:45 00:21:49 28.34
Stuart Clayton M21 00:12:00 00:16:39 28.39
Dougie Craig M55 00:09:30 00:19:12 28.42
Henry Howell M21 00:11:00 ~00:17:47 ~28.47
Ray Collins M55 00:10:30 00:18:19 28.49
Norman Hall M75 00:00:00 00:28:49 28.49
Jonathan Howell M60 00:11:15 00:17:36 28.51
Mary Adams W21 00:06:30 00:22:42 29.12
Tracy Craig W45 00:06:30 00:22:43 29.13
Matt Mardling M40 00:13:00 00:16:18 29.18
Allan Williams M40 00:10:00 00:19:38 29.38
Neil Adams M50 00:11:00 00:18:44 29.44
kELFin Dawson M35 00:10:00 00:21:04 31.04
Cath Williams W40 00:09:15 00:22:26 31.41
Ricardo Fernandes M40 00:09:00 00:24:54 33.54
Hannah Garside W20 00:07:45 00:29:10 36.55
Anne Jones W55 00:02:00 00:23:56 25.56 Started late


Junior results

Ethan Evans M10 11.23
Megan Colclough W12 12.00
Holly Stodgell W10 12.37
Lara Evans W8 12.44
Holly Craig W12 14.43
Charlotte Cairns-Smith W12 15.42
Lucy Walton W14 16.30
Rebecca Hind W8 16.35
Rory Hind M8 21.06
Alex Walton M12 24.18
Josh Brown M8 29.41
Adam Brown M8 34.27

Well done to all runners, thanks to all helpers and congratulations to all winners.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, & see you all at Kingsbury Water Park on New Years Day!

Chasers junior camp

dsc_00138 hardy juniors survived Kelvins snoring to enjoy a fun but challenging training camp on the Derbyshire moorlands. While Esther and Mary built up their confidence ready to race white courses independently, Alfie, Charlie, Henry, Adam, Holly and Holly learned lots about contours, compass bearings and pacing. They all enjoyed racing through the terrain, and, as usual, the highlight for most was the nightO under clear skies more or less from the front door.

Many thanks to Kelvin (I think), Simon Webb and Matt Mardling for all their help, and Ian & Judith Hughes for control hanging/collecting – we couldn’t have done it without you!!


Moray 2013 – Scottish 6 Day event

DSC_0181The Moray Firth was the home to over 25 Chasers for the week of the Scottish 6 Day 2013. A good time was had by all, and there were some fantastic performances in the tricky terrain.

With 2 podium performances (Gemma Cairns-Smith winning W16B and John Robinson just being pipped into second on M60S) and several more Chasers finishing in the top 5, it was a successful as well as fun event.

The 6 day website with all the results, more photos, maps etc can be found here.

The next Scottish 6 Day will be in the same area, but will be run alongside the World Orienteering Championships – the same waaaaaay better assembly areas, the same terrain and the same an even more amazing atmosphere. There are plans to organise a big Chasers tour to the event, but please, please, please put the date in the diary now (first week of August, 2015!).

nb- couple of minor edits by kelvin (woc 2015 arena manager!)


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West Midlands Relays

dsc_1023Well done to Holly, Holly & Megan who were convincing winners of the W14 relays at Dudmaston today, and also to John, Ray & Andy who held off the competition to take the M50+ title.

There were other good performances, especially from Amy, Charlotte & Adam who were only 90 seconds off victory in the mini relay, but had to settle for third in the end.

Thanks to Adam Mardling for being photographer while I was out for a loooooong time!



Yvette Baker Final 2013

dsc_0603LOG picked the hottest day of the year to host the Yvette Baker Final in Belton Woods near Grantham.

22 Chasers juniors ran & survived on the day, & with an average age of 11 were surely the youngest team competing (though with the oldest Chaser still only 14, it’s a team that can carry on competing for the next 3 years without having anyone too old to run!).

Initial individual results  are available here. Our counters were:
Gemma Cairns-Smith (2nd on orange girls)
Heather Craig (5th on light green girls)
Holly Craig (7th on orange girls)
Charlotte Cairns-Smith (8th on yellow girls)
Holly Stodgell (13th on yellow girls)
Amy Mitchell (15th on yellow girls)
Matt Hartland (18th on light green boys)
Joe Holland (19th on yellow boys)
Finn Hargrave (23rd on orange boys)
but everyone else helped out with our overall score :)

Apologies to the juniors who we missed on the run in, but photos from today are here:

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Pursuit Race Results

dsc_0488Thank you to Doug and Pam for helping tape the route, Doug and Heather for collecting in and Holly for the issue of dibbers.  There were a few new juniors taking part this year with some excellent results.  Also a few seniors that have never run the course before.  Winners were announced at the BBQ and awards will be given out at the next opportunity.  Thanks also to Jonathan for the use of garden and BBQ, we’ll have to try again next year for the dry weather.

Junior results:

Junior Route Time
Alfie S 12:21
Meg 12:43
Holly S 13:40
Holly H 14:30
Holly C 14:36
Amy M 14:40
Charlie 15.38
Adam 15:47
Alfie D 17:20
George 20:29
Alex 20:32


Senior results:

Handicap Results (finishing order) Running Time Race Results (time order)
Simon Hargrave 18:49 Iain Stamp
Mark Garside 20:07 Mike Barnby
Dave Brown 20:57 Simon Hargrave
Neil Adams 21:15 Andy Yeates
Cath Williams 22:11 Steve Cope
Andy Yeates 22:20 Mark Garside
Iain Stamp 22:33 Jon Howell
Steve Cope 22:34 Dave Brown
Mary Adams 22:43 Jo Thompson
Mike Barnby 22:53 Neil Adams
Jon Howell 26:18 Gemma
Jo Thompson 26:54 Pam Mitchell
Gemma 27:00 Mike Smith
Pam Mitchell 27:09 Cath Williams
Mike Smith 28:09 Finn
Stuart Walton 28:22 Mary Adams
Christine Collins 29:56 Christine Collins
Finn 30:05 Stuart Walton
Alison Yeates 35:09 Alison Yeates
Norman Hall 38:04 Norman Hall


Photos from after the race and at the BBQ:

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