Junior Training Camp, Forest of Dean

[nggallery id=14]14 juniors enjoyed a training camp in the Forest of Dean during October half term. With a day in the sun at Speech House, a night in Bracelands Adventure Centre (with lovely, warm showers!!), and a wet day on High Meadow based at the bunk house. Technique & confidence have come on in leaps & bounds, cameraderie was brilliant, and the only question as the juniors left was “When is the next one?”. Many thanks to the coaches and supporting parents who made the camp happen!

Attack Point – October Edition

Everyone should have had the October edition of Attack Point e-mailed to them during the last week.  If you haven’t had yours, contact Tracy Craig (via the website contact page if you don’t have her e-mail address).

West Midland Relays 2011

The West Midland Relays took place in the sunshine today on Pelsall Common.  Well done to all the winning teams and thanks to Planner Allan Williams and Organiser Dorothy Wilson for stepping in when the other officials had to drop out and we lost our original area.  We hope you enjoyed your day and the smell of our sausages cooking which were delicious and is something to be highly recommended  🙂

Full formatted results & splits should be available in a week.  Individual pages follow here:
A_Mini Relays
B_Junior Women
D & J_Int Women & Vet Women
E_Int Men
F_Open Women
G_Open Men
H&K_Snr Women / Vet Men
I_Snr Men
L_SVet Men
M_SVet Men

Routegadget here

British Orienteering Level 1 Coaching Course

If you would like to brush up your coaching skills, British Orienteering are running a 3-day Level 1 coaching course on 8th, 9th and 22nd October 2011 at the John O’Leary Education Centre on Cannock Chase. No prior coaching experience is required and the course will give you the skills and confidence to plan and deliver sessions in ‘safe’ environments up to moderate technical difficulty (TD3) at the subsidised rate of £95 per person. For further details, please see the British Orienteering web site. Spaces are limited so please contact Caroline Gay (cgay@britishorienteering.org.uk) as soon as possible if you would like a place.

Winter Score League

New for this winter is to be a mini league for Thursday nights.  To run alongside the traditional informal Thursday night runs from member’s houses, this year a league of nights events will be organised.  These will also be from member’s houses and take the form of 45 minute score events using fire hydrants, postboxes etc as controls.  The nights these will be taking place will be shown on the calendar.  If possible, if you plan to go, please contact the organiser so that they can have an idea of how many maps to print out. 

Rules are as follows:

  1. The league will consist of approximately 10 (ten) score events.
  2. Points will be scored 25 for 1st, 22 for 2nd, 20 for 3rd.  Then 18, 17, 16 etc.  falling to 1 point.  All finishers will get at least one point.
  3. In the event of a tie in an event equal points will be allocated.
  4. At the conclusion of the league the winner will be the person with the highest cumulative score from five events.
  5. If there is a tie for a place in the league the person with the highest single score will gain the higher place.  If this is tied then the next score(s) will be taken into account.
  6. The organiser will score 25 points.
  7. Controls will be based on fire or water hydrant markers, post boxes or ant street furniture as the organiser deems suitable OR regular orienteering controls.
  8. Points per control will be allocated by the organiser.
  9. The decision of the organiser is final.  There are no grounds to appeal.
  10. Prizes for the league will be awarded at the annual dinner, usually held towards the end of January.  Categories include man, woman, junior, walker.
  11. Each race is 45 minutes

Scottish 6 Days – Oban 2011

obanday6-1This year, the event was held around the Oban area and 17 Chasers headed north to partake of the superb Scottish terrain and pit themselves against the expert course planners. The areas used were varied, including open hillsides and moorlands, oak and birch woodland, flat shoreline terrain and areas of intricate contour detail.  Some areas rose to 300m above sea level, while others stayed by the shore and day one even had on start on the beach!

We had a good run of weather – only one day of warm rain (plus one evening, which of course coincided with the club BBQ!).  The new pop-up club tent seemed a great hit and attracted lots of interest from other clubs – look out for it at an event soon…..

The best result of the week was from Norman Hall on M75L, an impressive 5th out of 25 with 2 2nd places, a 5th, and a 6th. Barbara Heathcote had a great week on W55S with 8th place overall out of 41 with a 6th place, 2 7th places and a 9th. Also having a great week was Holly Craig, 9th out of 26 on W10B with a 5th place, a 9th, and 2 11th places – the 5th place on day 6 just shows what the promise of doughnuts can do for motivation!  Another commendable performance was by Bob Dredge who came 29th out of 127 in the very competitive M60L class.

The Chairman’s Choice award (a bottle of wine) went to Sue Lynch – for pure perseverence.  Sue had some epic leg times, but never gave up and always kept smiling.  Well done Sue!

Below are some photos of the week.  A few taken by myself (Alison), but most taken by the official photographer (Chris Spencer, ActivNorth) which should give you the flavour of the week in such a wonderful part of the country.  I trawled through over 2000 photos trying to spot people, so if I missed you, let me know and I’ll add you in. 

Next time (2013), the 6-day returns to Moray, with some of the best terrain in the UK – we’ll be there!

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Peel Pursuit Handicap Race

This evening saw the annual summer handicap race and club barbeque.  This year, the course was the hilly Brocton Coppice route, followed by the traditional barbeque in the rain, this year at Jonathan Howell’s house.

Some pretty good handicapping by Iain Stamp saw most runners arriving within a couple of minutes.  Well done to Tim Musters who won the Junior race, Steve Cope who won the Senior Handicap Race and to Iain Stamp who had the fastest time. If anyone knows where the fastest runner trophy is (wooden running man), then please let Iain have it!

Times as follows:

Name Time Handicap Position Time Position
Senior Race
Steve Cope 22.00 1 5
Kelvin Dawson 24.18 2 8
Chris Boycott 29.33 3 10
Iain Stamp 18.05 4 1
Sam Musters 21.21 5 2
Claire Stamp 37.05 6 12
Chris Bedford 27.12 7 9
Ray Collins 22.47 8 6
Neil Adams 21.53 9 4
Jonathan Howell 21.32 10 3
Alison Yeates 33.49 11 11
Simon Webb 22.55 12 7
Christine Collins non comp
Mark Howell 23.41 non comp
Junior Race
Tim Musters 13.57 1
Henry Webb lost dibber 2
Holly Stodgell 19.46 3

Jean Fuller

Picked up from the Welsh OA website:

It is with sadness that we heard of the passing away of Jean Fuller last month. Jean died in a hospice on May 5th 2011, after three years of illness. She chose not to have a funeral. Her close friend Sue Davies reminded us of some of her life:
“I met Jean Fuller when working with her in the Information tent at the first Croeso in 1992. She was in charge and so efficient, it was hectic in those days, checking the punches, organising the camp site and social events. Jean cool and calm always. Also fun. We travelled after that to Nepal (up as far as Namche Bazaar below Everest Base Camp), to China, Vietnam, Czech and Spanish O Masters, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, and much more recently after Jean was diagnosed and operated on for cancer, we went to Costa Rica and Sardinia. She lived every day she had to the full and is an example to us all. She was a nurse, teacher and alternative medicine specialist. She has I think walked some 100 mile walks, certainly run quite a few marathons, been a member of and supported several walking groups. She loved the outdoors and until very recently camped. She had lived in the Lampeter area and continued to be a member of WOA though living away in Stafford and more recently near Market Drayton, in a house and garden in which she took much pride. She was a very private person and faithful and lovely friend. Salt of the earth and brave to the end. I shall miss her.”