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Event Details

1. Saturday 1 May  -  British Elite Long Distance Championships

                                  British Long Distance Championships

                                  UK Cup

                                  Future Champions Cup

The event will take place at Abraham’s Valley & Wolseley Park.

The northern part of the area is mainly Forestry Commission coniferous plantations, the majority mature and very runnable, but with some blocks of younger trees. The mature forest is a conservation area.

The southern smaller area is open heathland, some deciduous woodland, and quarries, partly active (out of bounds) and partly old worked out areas with lots of detail.

The whole of the competition area is contoured with many valleys, reentrants, and spurs.

The Day 1 start times (Individual) are from 10:00 until 14:00.

2. Sunday 2 May  -  British Relay Championships

The relays will be run in the same Forestry Commission area as the Individual. It will use the same car park and assembly area as on the Saturday

For both days the finish will be in the assembly area, with commentary, radio controls, and in the case of the relays a spectator control close to the car park, contributing we hope to a good atmosphere.

The British Relay Champs are forming one round of the UK Relay League this year. For further information, follow the link: http://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/event/major_events/ukrelayleague/

Embargoed Areas

As per the British Orienteering website.

Event Officials

Coordinator:  Doug Peel   WCH doug@dougpeel.plus.com
Organiser  Rod Niven  WCH roderick.niven@lineone.net
Planner    Ray Collins WCH
Controller    Gordon Ross
Organiser  Chris Horwill  WCH   lornaandchris@tiscali.co.uk
Planner   Allan Williams WCH 
Controller  Chris Burden AIRE
Treasurer   Barry McGowan  HOC
Mapping  Neil Lawford WCH
Entries    Mark Garside WCH markgarside@hotmail.com
Prize Giving  Barry Elkington OD

Classes & Fees

For information on classes and fees for the Individual and the Relays see the link to Entries.

Note that competitors must be ‘National’ members of British Orienteering


On line entries will be via SPORTident’s entry system and will be open for business on 20 December. For further information see the link to Entries.

We reserve the right to keep all or part of the entry fees should the event be cancelled.

3. Monday 3 May  - Middle Race - UK Cup Final

This event is open to all. There is no qualification necessary for the UK Cup Final.
The event will take place at MOD Stafford, formerly an RAF equipment station. The terrain is a mix of urban and parkland. The competition is likely to take the form of a middle / city race with a planned winning time of 35 minutes.

Event Officials
Planner             Dave Peel  SYO
Organiser          Dougie Craig    BAOC & WCH
Controller         Rollo Rumford   HOC

Note that the timing system being used for this event is EMIT.

Pre entries will be via Fabian4. See the link to Entries.

4. Saturday 1 May – British Trail O Championships

The British Trail O Championships will take place on Cannock Chase at Hednesford Camp South. Three courses will be provided :  Elite, Elite Paralympic, and Standard.

Event Officials
Planner             Dave Gittus   WRE
Organiser          Marlene Palmer   WCH

Pre entries are required for the two Elite courses to Marlene Palmer. See the link to Entries

5. Sunday 2 May – Trail O Event

There will be a short course laid on at Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, Wolseley Centre, Wolseley Bridge close to and in walking distance of the Relay assembly area/car park.

Entries are on the day at the Centre.


The competition area is undermined and liable to mining subsidence.  Areas marked out of bounds must be strictly avoided. Care must be taken as new fissures could suddenly occur away from these areas.
All competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.