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Brereton Hayes & Spurs – CSC & CST qualifying round 2012

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Final Compass Sport Cup and Trophy results here (updated  Tues 16:15): – Trophy now decided sorry, for the delay and confusion.

Planners comments:
When the opportunity to plan on Brereton arose, it was too good to turn down.
I love Brereton – it has so many contrasting terrain types in such a small area, & I hope I gave you the chance to experience several of them during your run. On the longer courses, I tried to keep you thinking, to give you plenty of route choice decisions, & to make you use a number of different techniques. Watching Routegadget in the 24 hours since it went up, I have been pleased to see the number of different routes people have taken between controls. There are still some legs (especially on Blue 2 & Brown) that I can’t decide which way I would run them!
For many people, it will have been the first time they have orienteered “over the road”, as generally only the longer courses get in there when we have events on Beaudesert or Brereton. Apologies to the green course runners who had to stagger up the hill after their second road crossing, I hope you found it worth it.
On the Short & Light Greens, I tried to keep you in the terrain as much as possible with some route choice decisions, & on the orange I wanted a course Holly could get around safely (well done, Monkey!!), but that rewarded more experienced orienteers in cutting corners & making it more technical for themselves.
Apologies to Green 2 runners for printing the maps with the path south of number 1, on the route to number 2, obscured by the line.
I would like to say a big “Thank you” to Richard, your controller, for his support & guidance, & to Tracy, the event organiser, who took on so much more than she bargained for when she agreed to organise!
My biggest “Thank you’s” go to my band of “putter-outers” & “collector-inners”: to Mark Garside, to Phil Green & to Andy Yeates for their help pre-event, & to Jon Howell, Beth & Stuart Clayton, Mark Garside, Iain Stamp & Allan Williams for their post-event help, meaning I didn’t have to collect any controls in 🙂
Finally, good luck in the final to OD, HOC & Chasers in the Cup, &WRE in the Trophy.
Cath Williams