Yvette Baker Final 2013

dsc_0603LOG picked the hottest day of the year to host the Yvette Baker Final in Belton Woods near Grantham.

22 Chasers juniors ran & survived on the day, & with an average age of 11 were surely the youngest team competing (though with the oldest Chaser still only 14, it’s a team that can carry on competing for the next 3 years without having anyone too old to run!).

Initial individual results  are available here. Our counters were:
Gemma Cairns-Smith (2nd on orange girls)
Heather Craig (5th on light green girls)
Holly Craig (7th on orange girls)
Charlotte Cairns-Smith (8th on yellow girls)
Holly Stodgell (13th on yellow girls)
Amy Mitchell (15th on yellow girls)
Matt Hartland (18th on light green boys)
Joe Holland (19th on yellow boys)
Finn Hargrave (23rd on orange boys)
but everyone else helped out with our overall score 🙂

Apologies to the juniors who we missed on the run in, but photos from today are here:

[nggallery id=52]

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