West Midlands Relays: 2nd October, Shoal Hill

The postponed West Midlands Relays will take place on Shoal Hill this weekend (Sunday, 2nd October).

Final details are available here: final-details

Course lengths follow the standard defined by the WMOA and are:


Relay Class Class Title BOF Age Classes Combined Ages Technical Difficulty Approximate Course Length Approximate Course Climb
A Mini-Relay M/W12 – 1 1.4km 30m
B Junior Women W42- 3 2.0km 45m
C Intermediate Women W54- 5 3.0km 55m
D Open Women Any W 5 4.0km 100m
E Senior Women W130+ 5 3.6km 75m
F Veteran Women W165+ 5 3.0km 55m
G Super Veteran Women W200+ 5 2.5km 50m
H Junior Men M42- 3 2.0km 45m
I Intermediate Men M54- 5 3.6km 75m
J Open Men Any 5 5.0km 140m
K Senior Men M130+ 5 4.0km 100m
L Veteran Men M165+ 5 3.6km 75m
M Super Veteran Men M200+ 5 3.0km 55m
N Mixed Ad Hoc 3, 5, 5 2.0km/3.0km/4.0km 45m/55m/100m

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