West Midlands Schools Orienteering Champs

When? Date(s) - 11 May 2019
Time (24h Format) - 10:00 - 12:00
Time (12h Format) - 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

West Midlands Schools Orienteering Champs

Event ID : 3705

The West Midland Schools Championships are being hosted by Walton Chasers on Shoal Hill, near Cannock.  The event is a closed event for WM schools only, and it is pre-entry only.  For full details and entry forms, please contact the Organiser, Vicky McCreadie at vickyroissetter@yahoo.co.uk

Please note, all competitors should know how to read a map, have been taught basic orienteering skills and previously participated on a course appropriate to their age level, either on their own or as a pair. (Entry in pairs is permitted at this event. Mixed pairs run in Boys classes) Entries: CLOSING DATE – 3 May 2019


Image West Midlands Schools Orienteering Champs
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Shoal Hill (Chase Leisure Centre), Stafford Road, Cannock
ID - 154
Links - http://www.walton-chasers.co.uk/locations/shoal-hill-chase-leisure-centre/ or http://www.walton-chasers.co.uk/locations/shoal-hill-chase-leisure-centre/ or Shoal Hill (Chase Leisure Centre)

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