WCH MapRunF Summer Series 3 – Stafford Castle

The 3rd Chasers MapRun is now live.   This time we visit Stafford, and it’s (ruined) castle.  There are 3 courses this time – a short, long and a 45 minute score  All are within the grounds of the castle.  Run any (or all) of the courses whenever suits you – there is nothing out there to mark the controls so it really is a virtual course.  Simply print the course you’d like to run, download the MapRunF app (Google Play or AppStore), and follow the instructions in the attached sheet.  Enjoy!
Instructions: WCH Summer 3 Stafford Castle
Short: WCH MaprunF Summer 3 Castle Short PXAC Results here
Long: WCH MaprunF Summer 3 Castle Long PXAC Results here
Score: WCH MaprunF Summer 3 Castle ScoreV45 Results here
NB: The visitor centre and toilets are currently closed.

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