WCH MapRunF Summer Series 2 – Lichfield

The 2nd in Chasers 2020 MapRun series is now live.   This time, there are 3 courses on offer in central Lichfield.  There are 2 linear courses which are especially suitable for beginners – a very short course wholly within Beacon Park, and a short course that includes some road crossings.  There is also a 60 minute score event around the streets of Lichfield.  Run any of the courses whenever suits you – there is nothing out there to mark the controls so it really is a virtual course.  Simply print the course you’d like to run, download the MapRunF app (Google Play or AppStore), and follow the instructions in the attached sheet.  If you don’t want to use the app, you can just print the map out and run the course.
MapRunF – Lichfield Instructions
Map:  Lichfield MR Very Short Course PDF  Results: here
Map:  Lichfield MR Short Course PDF  Results:  here
Map:  Lichfield 60Score PDF (NB: start and finish are in the same place for the score course) Results: here

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