WCH Club Champions

The club champs this year was split into two, with the juniors decided at the Brindley event on 4th Feb and the adults at Wrekin’s Lizard Hill on 18th Feb.
The results are as follows.  Well done to all the winners – the prizegiving will be arranged soon!

M10 1 Jonah Hearn 2 Rory Hind
M10 Handicap 1 Rory Hind
M16 1 Henry Webb
Men’s Open 1 Bob Dredge 2 Dan Findlay-Robinson 3 Kristian Roberts
Men’s Open Handicap 1 Dan Findlay-Robinson
M45+ 1 Roger Richards 2 Andy Yeates 3 Dave Brown
M45+ Handicap 1 Neil Adams
M60+ 1 Jonathan Howell 2 Ray Collins 3 Dave Smith
M60+ Handicap 1 Dave Smith
M70+ 1 Chris Boycott 2 Garry Langston
M70+ Handicap 1 Garry Langston
W12 1 Rebecca Hind
W16 1 Holly Stodgell 2 Hannah Daniels
Women’s Open 1 Holly Hughes
W45+ 1 Sally Hughes 2 Christine Collins 3 Mary Adams
W45+ Handicap 1 Alison Yeates
W60+ 1 Hazel Waters

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