WCH at CompassSport Trophy Final

29 Chasers competed for the club at at CompassSport Trophy final, which was held at Tankersley near Sheffield.  It was a great turnout, and despite some key runners being unable to run, we achieved an excellent 5th place (out of 14 teams). This is the only inter-club competition in the calendar and is great for club spirit – over 800 runners came from around the country, and it was great to see so many out there.

Our points scorers today are below and the full results can be found on the SYO website.
John Robinson – 95 points
Andrew Yeates – 95 points
Olivia Stamp – 94 points
Tammy Short – 93 points
Holly Hughes – 91 points
Rebecca Hind – 90 points
Dan Findlay-Robinson – 90 points
Henry Webb – 89 points
Carol Dredge – 89 points
Sarah Hind – 89 points
Fraser Stamp – 88 points
Cath Williams – 85 points
Simon Webb – 84 points

Although these were the people who scored on the day, everyone that finished will have contributed to the overall result by pushing down the scorers from other clubs that finished behind them. Great job all – sterling work!

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