Summer Pursuit and BBQ

[singlepic id=1457 w=320 h=240 float=right]Firstly many thanks to Tracy for stepping in late in the day and organising a fabulous Summer Pursuit.  Also thanks to the Hughes’s for helping put out the tapes and Ray for helping to collect them in. Finally thanks to Jon for allowing us to use his garden for the BBQ

The Junior Race was hotly contested and Adam Mardling  won by a few yards from Howisho. Finn actually posted the fastest time of the day but a hastily convened official panel ruled that the race is first over the line. So the results and times were

1st Adam Mardling 13:53
2nd Howisha Charlely 14:04
3rd Henry Webb 14:24
4th Holly Craig 14:31
5th Holly Stodgell 14:36
6th Finn Hargrave 13:48
7th Ethan Wells 17:42
8th Amy Mitchell 18:06
9th Alex Walton 19:27
10th Dylan Hargrave 21:32

In the Seniors Race (due to the excellent handicapping meaning most times were within 2 minutes of each other) the pursuit ended with an exciting sprint finish for the appreciative crowd.

1st Andy Soltysik
2nd Ian Hughes
3rd Judith Hughes
4th Bob Dredge
5th Matt Hartland

A storming run by Ian Hughes meant he was fastest on the day by 12 seconds. Also noteworthy were Matt Hartland and Gemma Cairns-Smith who were running up on the adults course for the first time. Matt finished an excellent 8th to avoid being chicked and Gemma ran well despite being hampered by starting late and running most of the way on her own.

1st Ian Hughes 19:09
2nd Andy Soltysik 19:21
3rd Bob Dredge 20:16
4th Simon Webb 20:21
5th Andy Yeates 21:09
6th Steve Cope 21:56
7th Jon Howell 22:00
8th Matt Hartland 22:07
9th Jo Thompson 22:40
10th Mike Musters 22:44
11th Dave Brown 22:52
12th Neil Adams 23:10
13th Judith Hughes 23:16
14th Allan Williams 24:02
15th Cath Williams 27:24
16th Gemma Cairns-Smith 29:06
17th Christine Collins 29:22
18th Stuart Walton 35:58

Simon Hargrave and Mike Smith also went for a run, just not strictly where the official route went 🙂

Finally there was also a further prize on the night, where Jon Howell was presented with his trophy for winning the winter night series 2011


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