Shoal Hill Results

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Controllers comments:
Promising sunshine at 6.30 a.m when three of us set off to put out some 40 controls. All placed and woken up by 9.30 a.m.
Using the South east Start meant courses plunged into the complex wooded area straight away. Careful navigation and good attack points were needed here and longer courses came back to it later just to further test your navigation.
Congratulations to Neil and Mary for stepping up to be planners.
Thanks to those who mentioned that they had found possible extra features. We made a note of them to pass on to the mappers. On an area as complex as this, it’s a seemingly endless task.
Please consider stepping up yourself to these vital jobs. Us M75 Controllers find it very lively, even with a mountain bike, to race round all controls before 10 a.m.  This would be an even bigger task at dark winter events.
West Midlands is fortunate to put on courses for Planners, Controllers, and Organisers- look out for the next ones.
Mike Callow, Wrekin Orienteers

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