Pursuit Race Results

dsc_0488Thank you to Doug and Pam for helping tape the route, Doug and Heather for collecting in and Holly for the issue of dibbers.  There were a few new juniors taking part this year with some excellent results.  Also a few seniors that have never run the course before.  Winners were announced at the BBQ and awards will be given out at the next opportunity.  Thanks also to Jonathan for the use of garden and BBQ, we’ll have to try again next year for the dry weather.

Junior results:

Junior Route Time
Alfie S 12:21
Meg 12:43
Holly S 13:40
Holly H 14:30
Holly C 14:36
Amy M 14:40
Charlie 15.38
Adam 15:47
Alfie D 17:20
George 20:29
Alex 20:32


Senior results:

Handicap Results (finishing order) Running Time Race Results (time order)
Simon Hargrave 18:49 Iain Stamp
Mark Garside 20:07 Mike Barnby
Dave Brown 20:57 Simon Hargrave
Neil Adams 21:15 Andy Yeates
Cath Williams 22:11 Steve Cope
Andy Yeates 22:20 Mark Garside
Iain Stamp 22:33 Jon Howell
Steve Cope 22:34 Dave Brown
Mary Adams 22:43 Jo Thompson
Mike Barnby 22:53 Neil Adams
Jon Howell 26:18 Gemma
Jo Thompson 26:54 Pam Mitchell
Gemma 27:00 Mike Smith
Pam Mitchell 27:09 Cath Williams
Mike Smith 28:09 Finn
Stuart Walton 28:22 Mary Adams
Christine Collins 29:56 Christine Collins
Finn 30:05 Stuart Walton
Alison Yeates 35:09 Alison Yeates
Norman Hall 38:04 Norman Hall


Photos from after the race and at the BBQ:

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