Mungo Bone

A good turnout in the wet weather from above (tipping it down) & below (raging torrent down Oldacre Valley!) saw excellent runs from Lizzie Adams, who had the fastest time of the day on the senior course, Rachel Findlay-Robinson, who was first past the post, & Henry Webb, who produced a storming finish to win the junior race for the second consecutive year.

A big thank you for helping today to Ray for organising, Doug and Sue at the start, Alison, Kelvin and Sue for manning “controls”, Mark for doing the download, and Christine and Mike for the mulled wine production.

Happy Christmas!!

simon and lizzieFirst 3 across the linefirst 3 juniors

Junior Course

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Henry Webb WCH  M10 13:53
2nd Holly Stodgell WCH  W10 14:26
3rd Charlotte Cairns smith WCH  W10 20:12
4th Mia Smith WCH  W7 22:37
5th Alex Walton WCH  M10 24:55
6th Mary Webb WCH  W7 32:14
dnf Holly Craig WCH W10

Senior Course

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Finish Position
1st Lizzie   Adams WCH W21 15:22 n/c
2nd Simon   Webb WCH M35 16:02 10th
3rd Andrew   Yeates WCH M50 17:09 5th
4th Steve   Clayton WCH M45 17:42 13th
5th Neil   Adams WCH M50 18:29 3rd
6th Rachel   Findlay-Robinson WCH W21 18:33 1st
7th Mark   Garside WCH M50 18:46 16th
8th Ray   Collins WCH M55 18:48 12th
9th Sam   Smith IND M18 18:58 2nd
10th John   Robinson WCH M60 19:10 11th
11th Matt   Hartland WCH M14 19:26 20th
12th= Elizabeth   Clayton WCH W50 19:51 14th
12th= Stuart   Clayton WCH M20? 19:51 23rd
14th Douglas   Craig WCH M50 20:05 4th
15th Helen   Clayton WCH W21 21:10 9th
16th Andrew   Collins WCH M18 21:44 6th
17th Cath   Williams WCH W35 21:48 18th
18th Hannah   Garside WCH W18 22:28 17th
19th Christine   Collins WCH W50 22:46 7th
20th Alex   Smith WCH W16 22:50 8th
21st= Mary   Adams WCH W50 23:40 22nd
21st= Gemma   Cairns Smith WCH W14 23:40 19th
23rd Mike   Smith WCH M50 23:54 24th
24th Stuart   Walton WCH M45 24:12 15th
25th Hannah   Smith WCH W14 26:54 25th
26th Anne   Jones WCH W50 27:10 21st


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