Mungo Bone (Virtual) Handicap Race 2020

The Mungo Bone is our annual club handicap run that normally takes place on the Saturday before Christmas.  As you will have guessed the Mungo Bone will not be happening this year, at least not in the usual way.  In 2020 the race will be a MapRun event, the same as the summer handicap.   Full MapRun instructions on how to download and use it on you phone can be found by clicking the link at:
MapRun and Permanent O courses « Walton Chasers (
The race should have been on Saturday December 19th, so the start window will be from 11am on December 12th until 19th at 12 noon.  Have as many goes as you want in the time frame if you want more than one run.
A map of both the junior and senior routes is attached, the blue is the route and the red dots are “controls” on the way round.  At the start you device will beep to say your time has started and you start running.  Just run through the “controls”, if they do not beep do not worry.  As you cross the finish you will get another beep.  Your results will automatically upload to the results page but these results are running time BEFORE your handicap allowance makes an adjustment.  Ray will sort the handicaps, based on an estimate of your expected running time.

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