Lichfield Urban Results (Summer Domination Series)

Kelvin organised last night’s urban race in Lichfield, and despite one control going walkabout, everyone seemed to enjoy the tour of the city centre. ┬áThis was the last of this year’s Domination series, and the final results will follow once calculated.

Senior Race
Iain Stamp 20.33
Dan Findlay-Robinson 22.58
Mark Stodgell 24.47
Andy Yeates 25.16
Dave Brown 25.35
Mark Garside 27.43
Carol Dredge 31.49
Mary Adams 33.18
Jim Knight 35.35
Holly Hughes 36.18
Neil Adams 36.39
Sally Hughes 37.55
Hazel Waters 38.33
Andrew Waters 50.00
Junior Race
Hannah 41.57
Holly Stodgell 41.58

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