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This section of our website aims to keep you updated on all things to do with juniors and showing you what we love to do! Our juniors will build this page to give you all of the tips of the trade when it comes to orienteering and how they train and compete.

Keep an eye on this space to not only know the upcoming junior trainings and events but to also see exclusive interviews with our juniors, photos, maps and much more! If you have anything you would like to contribute to the page let me know 🙂

If you are keen to get involved check out our calendar and come and join in the fun. Any questions drop me a message and I’ll be happy to help!

Welcome to the Chasers Junior Squad and see you soon!

Hol Stodgell – your current junior captain

Recent Junior News

Junior of the Moment: Jonah H

Jonah came to the club just over a year ago and although he may only be 9 he is one speedy junior! Recently Jonah has taken to competing yellow courses and is one of our top juniors in the M10 category. Once Jonah picks up his map there is no stopping him! Here are some of his thoughts and tips!

When did you start orienteering?

June 2017, I went with mummy she did the map reading and I did the control descriptions and number checking.

What’s your best achievement so far?

Winning the west midlands champs.

What is the biggest challenge about orienteering?

Technical map reading and lots of paths.

What’s the best thing about orienteering?

That it is a family sport and it is fun.

Who’s your main competition?

Max and Rupert from OD

How does orienteering make you feel?


What are your aims for the future?

To win the British champs and to join the west midlands squad and to do an event in Sweden.

What other activities do you do?

Swimming, Cycling, Football, Skiing, Running and Cricket

What are your tips for new people starting orienteering?

Setting the map, do not take bearings off animals (sheep or moving objects)