Junior Night O Champs plus Thursday Night O Rowley Park



The Junior Night O Champs will be held on 28th November and is once again in the grounds of Rowley Park which is a small secure park ideal for this sort of thing. This year it will be a linear course of approximately 1.5km (now 1.2km) rather than a score event so basically its a Night O Sprint!

Rowley Park can be a bit muddy so be prepared to slide and if you’re lucky wallow in the mud 🙂 Headtorches are required unless you have rabbit like eyesight or a desire to run into things….ie bring a headtorch:) There is a prize for first Boy and first Girl which are presented at the club awards evening in late January plus I will be giving out random spot prizes…..

Starts are from around 7pm ish and I will be based in the cafe as its warm and dry. Adults are also welcome to do the course for a bit of fun if they wish or sit and keep me company in the cafe.

Seniors (everyone welcome) competing in the Winter Night O League will be heading out into the surrounding streets including the paths near to the Castle which I have had time to map….some of them maybe even accurately.

After the event we will be meeting in the Radford Bank Pub. Everyone is welcome for a pleasant and more importantly cheap carvery supper 🙂


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