Junior Night O Champs plus Thursday Night O Rowley Park – Results

As promised a muddy night was had by all in Rowley Park – not the most complex of areas it required fast and furious running to win the coveted wooden owls……..

In the girls competition Gemma Cairns-Smith took full advantage of being bigger than her competitors with a pretty flawless time almost hitting 5 mins kms. In the boys newcomer to the competition this year Charlie Room beat defending co-champion Henry Webb. Next year the aim is to make this a series in a number of parks that are suitable for juniors.

Gemma Cairns-Smith 09:29
Holly Stodgell 17:20
Lucy Walton 18:31
Charlie Room 10:31
Henry Webb 12:07
Non Comp
Stuart Walton 11:47
Sue W Yes

In the winter night league Simon Webb continued his dominance with yet another win and victory and a lovely mug is assured. In the ladies competition Christine is now also guaranteed victory with one race to go.

Photos to follow

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