House Team League Update

Well, the end of the year is fast approaching, which means the inaugural House Team League will soon be officially awarded to one of the teams.  I know one team has been out in the lead all year, but the race isn’t over until the last points are counted, so don’t be put off attending any more events this year if you happen to be in one of the trailing teams!

More scores have been added to bring the league tables bang up to date.  As ever, if you think I’ve missed anything please let me know (don’t worry, Allan, I have you down as controller for the Castle Vale Urban).

Full details are here, the main table is as follows:









I believe we are planning on running the league again next year – team membership will be recalculated due to the changes in the way BOF membership will work.  If anyone has any ideas for how the league could be improved, please send them through to me at  I can’t promise to implement all suggestions, but I can promise to take them all into consideration.

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