Club Development Plan 2015

Club Mission Statement :

Walton Chasers Orienteering Club is seen as a beacon club for the West Midlands.  Administration effort is kept as light as possible through effective use of technology.  Club members have a wide range of activies, both athletic and social, which they are encouraged to attend.  Coaching and mentoring is easily available to anyone who wants it, both within the club membership and associated School clubs.  Externally, we are recognised for the range and quality of events we host.

Below is the clubs development plan, presented as a table under the headings:

1) Keep the club financially and administratively stable.
2) Increase club membership and participation levels
3) Maintain external reputation of club



Activity Area Development Item Priority Owner Status
Keep club financially and administratively
Policies & Procedures
1.1.1 Renew Clubmark 1 Cath
1.1.2 Ensure up-to-date list of club members with qualifications is maintained (controller, planner, organiser, coach etc) 1 Mark G
1.1.3 Ensure all mandatory trainings completed – e.g. safeguarding 1 Sue
1.2.1 Use the club finances constructively to further club development 1 Jon / Committee
1.2.2 Continually explore sources of funding for club activites and equipment 3 Jon
1.2.3 Agree a “nominated charity” for the club to be used when donations are appropriate 2 Sue
Internal communication
1.3.1 Drive greater usage of website for non-confidential messages 2 Alison / Sue / Ray
1.3.2 Investiage systems with higher levels of automation for communicating confidential information (e.g. contact details) 2 Sue / Stodge
1.3.3 Investigate potential of broadcast via text message 3 Sarah D
Increase club membership and participation levels
Coaching for beginners
2.1.1 Ensure coaches available at all WCH events. 2
2.1.2 Allocate adult mentor to junior members 2
Coaching for experienced orienteers
2.2.1 Hold one full club training weekend per year 2
2.2.2 Use summer Tuesday evening activities for targetted training 2 Carol
2.2.3 Hold “preparation evenings” before selected multi-day events (JK, British Champs etc) 3
2.2.4 Offer mentors to all adult club members 3
Social activities
2.3.1 Organise Club Party 1 Mary Adams
2.3.2 Organise Senior’s Formal Dinner (with guest speaker) 1 June Cairns-Smith
2.3.3 Organise Junior’s Social 1 Alison Colclough
2.3.4 Organise three other social events of choice 2 Allan / Andy to do a quiz night
Carol to organise a curry night
1 tbd
Events & Participation
2.4.1 Increase communication around upcoming events & deadlines 2 Ray
2.4.2 Ensure fixtures schedule has a local event every weekend by filling gaps with Saturday park events 2 Fixtures
2.4.3 Introduce a Boxing Day Charity Score event 3 Fixtures
2.4.4 Juniors cake stall at each event for raising funds for nominated charity or junior activities 3 Holly / Juniors
2.4.5 Offer club-coordinated accommodation at major multi-day events 2 Cath
2.5.1 Locate and map areas suitable for non-urban events in order to reduce dependence on Chase areas 2 Mapping
2.5.2 Locate and map areas suitable for Urban and Sprint events 2 Mapping
2.5.3 Review existing mapped areas and assess need for rework 2 Mapping
Publicity and recruitment
2.6.1 Identify target group for recruitment and plan advertising accordingly 2
2.6.2 Send weekly round-up of events and results to local press 2
2.6.3 Ensure all local schools have contact/connection with Chasers for any interested kids 2 Sally
2.7.1 Maintain list of open and filled “volunteer roles” within the club and publish on website 2 Sue
2.7.2 Increase awareness of existing volunteer work carried out by running “Spotlight on…” interviews in Attackpoint 3 Holly / Juniors
2.7.3 Reward contributions – give club members the ability to nominate a hero of the month 3 Sue
Maintain external reputation of club
Increase number of top 3 finishers as club / team / individual
3.1.1 Target more competetive relay teams – e.g. womans vet 2 Ray
3.1.2 Subsidise attendance at team events – 100% or 50% 2 Jon
3.1.3 Promote lift sharing to nearby events (especially for juniors) 2 Ray
3.2 Increase awareness of orienteering within the local area 3.2.1 Partner with local landowners to provide permanent orienteering courses – self service where possible 3 Mapping
3.2.2 Increase scope of club clothing 3 Stamps
Ensure all open events are run professionally
3.3.1 Ensure adequately experienced organisers / planners / controllers in the club to run all scheduled events 2 Fixtures
3.3.2 Review Event Day Team procedures with team leaders 2 Sue
3.3.3 Review event officials guidelines & advice 2 Sue
3.3.4 Drive use of dropbox as single location of documentation for event 2 Mark G
3.3.5 Hold regular progress update reviews for future events 1 Sue
Maintain participation in Regional and National fixtures list
3.4.1 Host fair share of WM League events 1 Allan / Fixtures
3.4.2 Host fair share of National events 1 Allan / Fixtures