Christmas Runs 2017

Keep those pudding pounds off this Christmas with runs at 10am every day until the New Year.

The traditional Chasers enabler to counter over indulgence at Christmas has started – the Christmas morning run series from various locations around the chase – look forward to seeing you on Christmas morning!

Sunday 24th Penkridge Bank
Monday 25th Milford Common
Tuesday 26th Aspen *
Wednesday 27th Punch Bowl *
Thursday 28th White House *
Friday 29th Marquis Drive *
Saturday 30th Seven Springs
Sunday 31st Brindley Bottom *
Monday 1st Interclubs Score (Hednesforrd Camp) @12am
Tuesday 2nd Springslade Lodge *
Wednesday 3rd Marquis Drive *
Sunday 7th Satnall Hills. Club Championships.

All runs start at 10am SHARP unless stated otherwise, not 10.01.
A * denotes a tea shop after the run.


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