Mungo Bone Results 2021

This year, the annual Mungo Bone handicap race was back on Brocton Coppice, after last year’s virtual race. The Mungo Bone is a handicap race run annually for a trophy made from an antler found by Mungo Bone (Peter and Marlene’s dog), many years ago.  A great turnout, and a win this year for Oscar Peel in the handicap race, with Sally Hughes close behind.  Well done to Henry Webb for the fastest male time and Tammy Short for the fastest female time. Full results attached here: Mungo Bone 2021 Results

Chetwynd & Brereton WML Results

Results here

Routegadget and Splitsbrowser here

Winsplits analysis here

WCH Trail Challenge Series #1 Results

Thanks to all those who came to the inaugural Trail Challenge event on Saturday 13th November.  We hope you enjoyed the courses and are looking forward to seeing you at the next event on the 27th November – same time, same place! Click on the link here for the results from the event: Trail Challenge 131121 Results

A big thank you to all the club members turned up to help, and for those who have supported in the lead up to the event.

MTBO Results 2021

Results available via Routegadget here – please upload your gps tracks

Thanks to my control collectors, Charlie, Liam, Alistair and John and to Dave for running the start.

WCH Night-O – Hixon

The annual night-O league returned last week, with the first race being organised by Andy around the streets of Hixon.  The 12 runners were accompanied by a stunning sunset, results and tracks on the MapRun console here, scores here: StreetO 21-22 @ 21Sept
Next race in Rugeley on 5th October.

Peel Pursuit 2021

Thanks to Jonathan for organising the annual Peel Pursuit Handicap Race on Tuesday evening, followed by a picnic instead of the usual BBQ.  Well done to all who ran, and in particular our 2021 champions:
Fastest runner – Henry Webb
Senior Handicap – Ray Collins
Junior Race – Charlotte Dawson

Junior Race Run Time Position
Charlotte Dawson 8.22 1
James Findlay-Robinson 8.3 2
Senior Race Run Time Run Position Handicap Race Time Race Position Expected run Time Time Difference
Ray Collins 23.48 6 16 39.48 1 25 -1.12
David Brown 22.27 5 18 40.27 2 23 -0.33
Dan Findlay-Robinson 19.29 3 21 40.29 3 20 -0.31
Jonah Hearn 19.42 4 21 40.42 4 20 -1.18
Henry Webb 14.53 1 26 40.53 5 15 -0.07
Simon Webb 18.38 2 23 41.38 6 18 0.38
Allan Williams 26.51 7 15 41.51 7 26 0.51
Andy Lewis 28.11 8 21 49.11 8 20 xx
Tammy Short 30.2 9 19 49.2 9 22 xx
Danii Horton 70.17 10 0 70.17 10 45 xx

Shoal Hill Results

Results available here

Routegadget analysis here

Winsplits analysis here