Peel Pursuit Summer Handicap Race 2020

We have decided to run the Peel Pursuit, the usual Chasers’ summer handicap run round Brocton Coppice usually run in June, as a virtual race this year.  Dave and Neil have recce’d the senior and junior course and set them up on the MaprunF app.
The trophy for the handicap winner and fastest runner will be decided after the courses close on 6th September.  Anyone can run the course, but only Walton Chasers members will be eligible for the trophies.
Two of the paths have been narrowed by bracken but this has been pushed back.  Not ideal for running but we’ll try and keep the paths passable.  NB: this in not a ‘normal’ orienteering course, just a run around a prescribed route.
WCH Summer Handicap – 2020 – Event details
WCH Summer Handicap – 2020 – Senior
WCH Summer Handicap – 2020 – Junior
And the results are in!  Not too many competing for the trophies this year, but congratulations to the winners – to Andy Yeates for the fastest time, and to Sally Hughes for winning the handicap race. 2020 Peel Pursuit Results

WCH MapRunF Summer Series 4 – Brindley

A new MapRun is now live on Brindley, in the centre of Cannock Chase.  This time we have a 45 minute score event – just get as many controls as you can in the 45 minute time limit.  Our permissions at this time of year mean that you are limited to paths, so please don’t go across the terrain. The MapRun will be available until Sunday 23rd August.  Enjoy!
Instructions are here: WCH Summer 4 Brindley Event details (including how to ‘claim’ controls that didn’t register).
This MapRun is now closed – the results are here

WCH MapRunF Summer Series 3 – Stafford Castle

The 3rd Chasers MapRun is now live.   This time we visit Stafford, and it’s (ruined) castle.  There are 3 courses this time – a short, long and a 45 minute score  All are within the grounds of the castle.  Run any (or all) of the courses whenever suits you – there is nothing out there to mark the controls so it really is a virtual course.  Simply print the course you’d like to run, download the MapRunF app (Google Play or AppStore), and follow the instructions in the attached sheet.  Enjoy!
NB: The visitor centre and toilets are currently closed.
Instructions: WCH Summer 3 Stafford Castle
This MapRun is now closed, the results are below:
Short:  here
Long:  here
Score:  here

MapRunF Summer Series 1 – results

Our first MapRun completed it’s 2 week run last weekend, and we had over 40 people come and run the 2 courses – thanks to all who took part, we hope you enjoyed getting back out into the forest.  The results are here:
WCH Maprunf Summer 1 – Shoal Hill Green
WCH Maprunf Summer 1 – Shoal Hill Blue

Brindley WML Results

Results Here

Routegadget Here how to use routegadget – upload your GPS trace

Winsplits analysis here