Peel Pursuit Race & Club BBQ

Tues 26th June is the Peel Pursuit handicap run and club BBQ.

The run is a straight run (no navigation needed), with the slowest off first and the fastest last, so that in theory, everyone finishes at the same time.  The grid reference for the start is SJ975194.  The Pursuit route for adults will NOT be taped this year and people are encouraged to recce the route in advance.  Maps of the course will be available for use on the night and a PDF of the route is attached to this p.  The senior 4 km course is the same as last year.  The junior course will be taped.

The start time will be 7 pm plus handicap times.  Let the organiser know if you plan to run so he can work out the handicap times or any juniors want to run a short course.

The barbecue (BYO) follows at Jon’s house – bring your food / drink and deckchair (and probably a brolly as it usually rains!!).
More details have been e-mailed to all members.

Chasers at the Showground Relays

Chasers were represented at the 2nd Showground Relays last night by just the one team this year.  The 4 x 2-mile relay used to be the Shugborough Relays until it’s move last year.  Chasers have had teams entered in every race since it started in 1988, with Andy keeping his record on doing them all – now reaching the 30-year marker.  This year’s team of Dan, Andy, Dave and John were 9th in the Male Super-Vet Team, just 70 seconds down on 6th place.

Lichfield Urban & Parks

Results available here

Splitsbrowser analysis here

Winsplits analysis here

Routegadget here

Well done to all who came and ran in the sun (thanks Mike for organising the weather). It was great to see lots of young, new faces – we look forward to seeing you all again 🙂

Domination Short Races

Well done to Stampy for maintaining his winning start to this years Domination series, and to Holly H for finishing top woman in tonight’s Short Race. Thanks to Kelvin for organising, and great to see such a good turnout.

Results can be seen on Routegadget.

Overall, Stampy keeps his lead in the mens race, Cath W takes the lead in the womens and Henry becomes the lead junior.

The next Domination race is being organised by the Walton High juniors in Stafford town centre from the Aldi car park on June 12th. See you there!!



Current Domination Standings:

Dom 1 – Beaudesert Dom 2 – Shooting Butts Total
Iain Stamp 100 100 200
Dan Findlay-Robinson 78 85 163
Al Ross 73 78 151
Ray Collins 68 73 141
Andy Yeates 60 75 135
Dave Smith 64 68 132
Stuart Duckworth 51 81 132
Jon Howell 66 65 131
Cath Williams 57 65 122
Mary Adams 45 58 103
Henry Webb   91 91
Alison Yeates 40 48 88
Allan Williams 85 85
Mel Hearn 31 50 81
Bob Dredge 81 81
Holly Hughes 66 66
Hol Stodgell 62 0 62
Sally Hughes 61 61
John Robinson Organiser 59 59
Neil Adams 57 57
Isaac Curno 55 55
Hazel Waters 52 52
Ian Jones 50 50
John 44 44
Chris Boycott 42 42
Amy Ward 35 35
Jane Christopher 33 33
Garry Langston 32 32
Sarah Forrest 28 28
Ronnie Hollins 0 0
Charlotte Daniels 0 0
Kelvin Dawson Organiser

Shoal Hill Results

Results and splits available here

Splitsbrowser analysis here

Winsplits analysis here

Routegadget here

Controllers comments:
Promising sunshine at 6.30 a.m when three of us set off to put out some 40 controls. All placed and woken up by 9.30 a.m.
Using the South east Start meant courses plunged into the complex wooded area straight away. Careful navigation and good attack points were needed here and longer courses came back to it later just to further test your navigation.
Congratulations to Neil and Mary for stepping up to be planners.
Thanks to those who mentioned that they had found possible extra features. We made a note of them to pass on to the mappers. On an area as complex as this, it’s a seemingly endless task.
Please consider stepping up yourself to these vital jobs. Us M75 Controllers find it very lively, even with a mountain bike, to race round all controls before 10 a.m.  This would be an even bigger task at dark winter events.
West Midlands is fortunate to put on courses for Planners, Controllers, and Organisers- look out for the next ones.
Mike Callow, Wrekin Orienteers

Brocton Coppice Training Results

Thanks to Ray for organizing Tuesday night’s 45 minute score from Brocton Coppice, and to everyone for running on a foggy cold evening.  Congratulations to Bob for winning and to Christine for being top lady.

Next Tuesday is on Rawnsley from Beaudesert car park, which is near the golf course entrance.


  Name Gross Score Deductions Net Score Time
1 Bob Dredge 170 170 38.50
2 Dave Smith 170 170 43.25
3 Dan Findlay Robinson 170 170 44.55
4 Andy Yeates 170 1 169 45.04
5 Jonathan Howell 170 14 156 46.20
6 John Robinson 150 150 38.20
7 Simon Webb 150 150 41.15
8 Christine Collins 150 150 43.12
9 Hazel Waters 140 140 43.19
10 Holly Hughes 130 130 40.40
11 Chris Boycott 130 130 41.03
12 Alison Yeates 120 120 42.23
13 Neil Adams 120 2 118 45.11
14 Sally Hughes 110 110 43,03
15 Gary Langston 110 110 43.04
16 Tracy Craig 110 110 43.38
17 Henry Webb 150 44 106 49.20
18 Denis Keley 90 90 35.00
19 Kelvin Dawson 80 80 22.31

Night-O Results – Milford & Highfields

Mark Garside and Jonathan Howell organised the latest 2 races of the night-O league in Milford and Highfields, Stafford.  It’s very close at the top of the table, with just 3 points separating the first 4 runners.  Here are the results so far, arranged as best of 5 as there are 7 events in this half season. 2018_Street_O @ 10 Mar

Brindley Heath Results

We offer our sincere apologies for the problems on the courses today with missing controls / controls in the wrong place. The problem has been traced to a previous version of both the map and course planning files being used for printing (see maps below for more detail). A particular sorry to those new to orienteering who struggled on Orange and Light Green – please do not let this experience put you off.

The controller and organiser feel the best solution to the issue is to let the results stand as best as they can be published for the day, however that the event is voided from a West Midland League and National Ranking Point view. A decision on the WCH club championships will be taken once the results have been processed..

Apologies again, we hope that at least the beautiful weather made up for it a little.

Results are here

The results have had no legs removed – just missed controls credited but it is possible to see time lost in the splits.

Below the two versions of the all controls map for those that want to see where the issues affected them……

Controls Put Out


Controls as per your maps