Night-O Baswich 16th Nov

A good turnout for Thursday’s night-O, organised by Ray.  The positions in the league haven’t changed, but the margins are getting closer.  Just 2 races left in the 2017 season.  Results so far are here…Night-O 17 @ 16Nov

Milford Night-O results

Thanks to Sue Garside for organising Thursday’s night-O on the Chase.  The latest scores are attached here, with it getting increasingly tight at the top with just 3 races to go.  Next race is on Thursday in Baswich. Night-O 2017 @ 9th Nov

Walton Night-O Results

The latest in the 2017 series of the Chasers night-O league was held on Thursday, organised by Neil & Mary.  After 8 events, the order will now start shuffling as the best scores count.  Just 3 races left and it’s close at the top….2017_Street_O @ 19th Oct

Shoal Hill Results 2017

Note: results updated 16th Oct 10pm – following feedback from competitors and review by the controller.

Please accept our apologies for the 2 controls in the wrong position. We have adjusted the results to remove the leg before each affected control (178 and 187). 

Results Here

Splitsbrowser Analysis Here

Winsplits Analysis Here

Routegadget Here – Draw or upload your route

Splitsbrowser, Winsplits and Routegadget have not been updated with the new results, British Orienteering Site has been updated but may take time to filter through.

Message from the organiser (Holly Craig):
Thank you to everybody who attended the event at Shoal Hill on Sunday 15th October.  It was a junior lead event with myself as organiser and Holly Hughes as planner.  We couldn’t have done it without the help of many other club members.
The car parking charges raised £110 for the charity of the farmer’s choice: Brooke – Action for Working Horses and Donkeys
There was a grey Adidas jacket left behind.  If this is yours please get in touch.

Lichfield Night-O Results

Dave Brown planned last Thursday’s night-O around the streets of Lichfield.  The overall series winner will be the best 6 scores of 11 events – 3 people have now completed 6 events, so the points scored now start to make all the difference!  Results so far are 2017_Street_O @ 5th Oct

Oldacre Results

Results here 

Winsplits analysis here

Splitsbrowser Analysis

RouteGadget Analysis here 

Thank you to POTOC for assisting with First Aid today.

Lichfield Urban Results (Summer Domination Series)

Kelvin organised last night’s urban race in Lichfield, and despite one control going walkabout, everyone seemed to enjoy the tour of the city centre.  This was the last of this year’s Domination series, and the final results will follow once calculated.

Senior Race
Iain Stamp 20.33
Dan Findlay-Robinson 22.58
Mark Stodgell 24.47
Andy Yeates 25.16
Dave Brown 25.35
Mark Garside 27.43
Carol Dredge 31.49
Mary Adams 33.18
Jim Knight 35.35
Holly Hughes 36.18
Neil Adams 36.39
Sally Hughes 37.55
Hazel Waters 38.33
Andrew Waters 50.00
Junior Race
Hannah 41.57
Holly Stodgell 41.58

Brindley Bottom Score Training Results

Ray organised last night’s score event at Brindley Bottom, where there was a great turnout of runners.  Ray says: “Well done to all of you especially to Dan for winning and to Mary for being first Lady.  There were some excellent runs.  Also, well done to Hannah on her 9th place and second lady”.

Position Name Time Score Penalties Net Score
1 Dan Findlay- Robinson 48.27 630 630
2 Mark Stodgell 49.25 620 620
3 Simon Webb 49.12 540 540
4 Allan Williams 48.15 520 520
5 Mike Musters 44.03 460 460
6 Mary Adams 49.58 450 450 First Lady
7 Alistair Ross 51.28 620 200 420
8 Ian Jones 45.28 400 400
9 Hannah Daniels 49.33 400 400 Second Lady
10 Holly Hughes 47.17 390 390 Third Lady
11 Jonathan Howell 48.54 390 390
12 John Robinson 50.22 470 100 370
13 Neil Adams 47.37 360 360
14 Denis Keley 37.27 350 350
15 Christine Collins 43.24 320 320
16 Amy Ward 46.31 300 300
17 Alison Yeates 47.32 290 290
18 Sally Hughes 39.22 230 230
19 Anne Jones 44.29 210 210
20 Chris Boycott 54.05 420 500 -80
21 Tom O’Boyle 60.59 750 1100 -350