House Team League – 2013 Final Positions

Yes, the final points have been calculated for the House Team League 2013, just in time for the prize giving.  Full details including a couple of graphs are available on the House Team League Home Page.  As you will see, congratulations are due to team North for winning the league, strongly led by Ray Collins who was the highest individual scorer.

Thanks to Tracy Craig for taking over the league management for 2014, final positions for 2013 are:










Top 10 Individuals



Ray Collins 903
Bob Dredge 797
Andrew Yeates 772
Susan Findlay-Robinson 716
Christine Collins 636
Alison Yeates 628
John Robinson 602
Jonathan Howell 561
Kelvin Dawson 480
Carol Dredge 449

Mungo Bone Results and Photos

img_0885Many thanks to Ray for organising todays Mungo Bone, including the best weather we have had for years! It was great to see so many faces running and supporting and drinking the mulled wine!




Senior results

Forename Surname Age Class Handicap Run time Handicap time
Jonno Pybus M21 00:12:30 00:13:58 26.26 N/C
Emily Garside W21 00:08:30 00:18:20 26.50
Matt Hartland M16 00:11:45 00:15:31 27.16
John Robinson M60 00:09:45 00:17:50 27.25
Simon Hargrave M40 00:11:30 00:15:58 27.28
Gemma Cairns-Smith W16 00:08:00 00:19:31 27.31
Iain Stamp M21 00:12:00 00:15:46 27.46
Simon Webb M35 00:13:00 00:14:55 27.55
Andrew Yeates M50 00:11:15 00:16:52 28.07
Beth Clayton W50 00:09:15 00:18:56 28.11
Stuart Walton M45 00:05:30 00:22:56 28.26
Henry Webb M12 00:09:00 00:19:28 28.28
Christine Collins W50 00:06:45 00:21:49 28.34
Stuart Clayton M21 00:12:00 00:16:39 28.39
Dougie Craig M55 00:09:30 00:19:12 28.42
Henry Howell M21 00:11:00 ~00:17:47 ~28.47
Ray Collins M55 00:10:30 00:18:19 28.49
Norman Hall M75 00:00:00 00:28:49 28.49
Jonathan Howell M60 00:11:15 00:17:36 28.51
Mary Adams W21 00:06:30 00:22:42 29.12
Tracy Craig W45 00:06:30 00:22:43 29.13
Matt Mardling M40 00:13:00 00:16:18 29.18
Allan Williams M40 00:10:00 00:19:38 29.38
Neil Adams M50 00:11:00 00:18:44 29.44
kELFin Dawson M35 00:10:00 00:21:04 31.04
Cath Williams W40 00:09:15 00:22:26 31.41
Ricardo Fernandes M40 00:09:00 00:24:54 33.54
Hannah Garside W20 00:07:45 00:29:10 36.55
Anne Jones W55 00:02:00 00:23:56 25.56 Started late


Junior results

Ethan Evans M10 11.23
Megan Colclough W12 12.00
Holly Stodgell W10 12.37
Lara Evans W8 12.44
Holly Craig W12 14.43
Charlotte Cairns-Smith W12 15.42
Lucy Walton W14 16.30
Rebecca Hind W8 16.35
Rory Hind M8 21.06
Alex Walton M12 24.18
Josh Brown M8 29.41
Adam Brown M8 34.27

Well done to all runners, thanks to all helpers and congratulations to all winners.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, & see you all at Kingsbury Water Park on New Years Day!

Lichfield Night-O Results – Overall League Final

The final event of the club night-O league was organised in Lichfield by Dave Brown.  Congratulations to Simon who finished the season with seven wins and a perfect score of 175.  In second place is Kelvin and third, just 1 point behind is Jonathan.  In the Ladies, Christine came first followed by Cath and then Mary.  See the full results here… Night-O League 2013 – Final

Not long until the start of the 2014 league – it starts in Stafford on Thursday January 9th.
A couple of rule changes will be made – the first that the event duration will become flexible at 40, 45 or 50 minutes at the organisers discretion.  The reason for this is we are too good at timing our runs perfection and the committee felt a bit of variation may be beneficial.   The second rule change is the results will now score 25, 24, 23, 22, etc.  Not 25, 23, 22, 21 etc.

Rowley Park Night-O Results

CaptureThe penultimate night-O of the year was run on Thursday night from Rowley Park, Stafford.  Minor placings are still up for grabs, but the series winners can’t be beaten  now – Simon for the men and Christine for the women.  Well done both!
Results attached here…  Night-O League 2013 – 28th Nov

Junior Night O Champs plus Thursday Night O Rowley Park – Results

As promised a muddy night was had by all in Rowley Park – not the most complex of areas it required fast and furious running to win the coveted wooden owls……..

In the girls competition Gemma Cairns-Smith took full advantage of being bigger than her competitors with a pretty flawless time almost hitting 5 mins kms. In the boys newcomer to the competition this year Charlie Room beat defending co-champion Henry Webb. Next year the aim is to make this a series in a number of parks that are suitable for juniors.

Gemma Cairns-Smith 09:29
Holly Stodgell 17:20
Lucy Walton 18:31
Charlie Room 10:31
Henry Webb 12:07
Non Comp
Stuart Walton 11:47
Sue W Yes

In the winter night league Simon Webb continued his dominance with yet another win and victory and a lovely mug is assured. In the ladies competition Christine is now also guaranteed victory with one race to go.

Photos to follow

Barton Night-O Results

Thursday saw another night-O organised by Neil Lawford in Barton-under-Needwood with a great turnout of 15 runners.  Following yet another victory, Simon has extended his lead at the top while in third place Jon has closed up on Kelvin.  In the Ladies race, Rachel is closing in on top place but will end the season one race short if she competes in the final two events, while Christine is still holding on to first place.  Just 2 races to go, with the next at Rowley Park this Thursday.  All to play for….

Results on the link: Night-O League 2013 – 21st Nov


Oldacre Results

Results available here

Splitsbrowser  analysis available here

Winsplits analysis available here

Routegadget available here


Baswich Night-O Results

Christine planned Thursday’s night-O around Baswich. Congratulations to Simon for yet another win, he got 24 controls not 23 as he thought on the night.   Overall with 3 races to go only Kelvin has a realistic chance of snatching a dramatic victory away from Simon but Captain Ray’s money is firmly backing Simon.

Second place however is wide open. For a moment Ray thought he’d leapt up to joint second only for Kelvin to leapfrog over Jon and Ray into second place. Jon, Ray and Kelvin plus Andy are all still vying for second and third place.

Top lady has reverted to Christine after planning the course last night. Can she hold off Cath? Will Beth or Rachel get 7 runs in and disturb the status quo?

Three exciting races to go……

See the results so far here…… Night-O League 2013 – 7th Nov