House League Team 2012 Final Standings

Lines are closed, votes are counted and final scores have been calculated (assuming all results from 2012 are now posted to the BOF website…..)

The final Walton Chasers House Team League results for 2012 are as follows (drum roll, please………):











So congratulations to Team South and well done to all the other teams, too ūüôā¬† More detailed analysis including some top ten individual performance tables are available on the House Team League 2012 Home Page.

The League will be returning for 2013, but watch this space for new scoring rules and lists of the new teams as we adjust for the 2013 membership list!

Winter Score League – Final Results

Last Thursday saw the final round of the 2012 Winter Score League take place around Etchinghill in Rugeley.¬† The run, in cold and wet condtions, was organised by John Robinson, followed by a Christmas Meal at the adjacent Chase Pub organised by Sue.¬† 14 ran, and over 20 came for the meal so a good night out was had by all.¬† Congratulations to Jon and Cath for winning the running classes and Neil L for being top (only) biker.¬† The new year league starts from Ray’s house on January 10th 2013, see you there.

Pos Name Best 4
1 Jon Howell 98
2 Dave Brown 93
=3 Mark Garside 92
=3 Ray Collins 92
5 Andy Yeates 90
6 Simon Webb 85
7 Cath Williams 83
8 Andrew Soltysik 82
9 Christine Collins 76
10 Neil Lawford (Biker) 70
11 John Robinson 64
12 Mary Adams 63
13 Neil Adams 56
14 Allan Williams 51
15 Kelvin Dawson 46
16 Sue Findlay Robinson 31
17 Beth Clayton 24
18 Lizzie Adams 20
19 Rachel Findlay Robinson 18
20 Sue Williams 13

Mungo Bone

A good turnout in the wet weather from above (tipping it down) & below (raging torrent down Oldacre Valley!) saw excellent runs from Lizzie Adams, who had the fastest time of the day on the senior course, Rachel Findlay-Robinson, who was first past the post, & Henry Webb, who produced a storming finish to win the junior race for the second consecutive year.

A big thank you for helping today to Ray for organising,¬†Doug and Sue at the start, Alison, Kelvin and Sue for manning ‚Äúcontrols‚ÄĚ, Mark for doing the download,¬†and Christine and Mike for the mulled wine production.

Happy Christmas!!

simon and lizzieFirst 3 across the linefirst 3 juniors

Junior Course

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Henry Webb WCH  M10 13:53
2nd Holly Stodgell WCH  W10 14:26
3rd Charlotte Cairns smith WCH  W10 20:12
4th Mia Smith WCH  W7 22:37
5th Alex Walton WCH  M10 24:55
6th Mary Webb WCH  W7 32:14
dnf Holly Craig WCH W10

Senior Course

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Finish Position
1st Lizzie   Adams WCH W21 15:22 n/c
2nd Simon   Webb WCH M35 16:02 10th
3rd Andrew   Yeates WCH M50 17:09 5th
4th Steve   Clayton WCH M45 17:42 13th
5th Neil   Adams WCH M50 18:29 3rd
6th Rachel   Findlay-Robinson WCH W21 18:33 1st
7th Mark   Garside WCH M50 18:46 16th
8th Ray   Collins WCH M55 18:48 12th
9th Sam   Smith IND M18 18:58 2nd
10th John   Robinson WCH M60 19:10 11th
11th Matt   Hartland WCH M14 19:26 20th
12th= Elizabeth   Clayton WCH W50 19:51 14th
12th= Stuart   Clayton WCH M20? 19:51 23rd
14th Douglas   Craig WCH M50 20:05 4th
15th Helen   Clayton WCH W21 21:10 9th
16th Andrew   Collins WCH M18 21:44 6th
17th Cath   Williams WCH W35 21:48 18th
18th Hannah   Garside WCH W18 22:28 17th
19th Christine   Collins WCH W50 22:46 7th
20th Alex   Smith WCH W16 22:50 8th
21st= Mary   Adams WCH W50 23:40 22nd
21st= Gemma   Cairns Smith WCH W14 23:40 19th
23rd Mike   Smith WCH M50 23:54 24th
24th Stuart   Walton WCH M45 24:12 15th
25th Hannah   Smith WCH W14 26:54 25th
26th Anne   Jones WCH W50 27:10 21st


Saturday Series – Wildwood

Long2Many thanks to Simon W for control hanging &Long1¬†collecting, & ably assisting Neil & Mary in running the latest Saturday event on Wildwood. Apologies for the mini-printer misbehaving again, it doesn’t seem to like the cold ūüôĀ



Short   Course  
1. George   Hughes 10.13
Middle Course  
1. Gemma   Cairns-Smith 30.02
2. Charlotte   Cairns-Smith 38.10
3. Stuart Walton 41.53
4. Alex Walton 47.23
Long Course  
1. Ray Collins 36.06
2. Kelvin Dawson 41.47
3. Roy Dawson 41.49
4. Cath Dawson u/k


Winter Score League – Round 6

Dave Brown organised last Thursday’s Night Score league event from the Turnpike Pub in Lichfield.¬† A good turnout despite the cold and pouring rain has left the overall standings very close with Jon still holding the lead, but 3 contenders in 2nd place.¬† Next event on Thursday 20th at the Chase Pub in Rugeley.

    Radford Bank Wildwood Abbots Bromley Penkridge Barton Lichfield Best 4
1 Jon Howell 25 23   25 23 25 98
2 Mark Garside 22 25 23   22 21 92
2 Ray Collins 25 21 22 22 21 23 92
2 Dave Brown   19   23 25 25 92
5 Andy Yeates 18 22 25   17 18 83
6 Andrew Soltysik 19 17 21 25     82
7 Cath Williams 21 18     19 22 80
8 Christine Collins 16   20 20 16 20 76
9 Neil Lawford       20 25 25 70
10 Mary Adams 15 16     15 17 63
11 Simon Webb 23 25     14   62
12 Neil Adams 14 15     12 15 56
13 Kelvin Dawson     25 21     46
14 John Robinson         20 19 39
15 Allan Williams 17       18   35
16 Lizzie Adams   20         20
17 Sue Findlay-Robinson           16 16
18 Sue Williams         13   13
19 Beth Clayton         11   11

Saturday Series – Beaudesert Scout Camp

Doug Peel organised last Saturday’s very enjoyable training event and has sent over the following results:
There was a good turnout for this training event on a new area: 31
The camp proved to be good enough for a sprint or middle race up to 6k
The following are the results for the Yellow course. For the other courses only some of the times were recorded; so I have omitted them.

1 Alex Walton 15.16
2 Joe Holland 18.46
3 George Hughes 27.22
4 Alfie Spencer 29.58
5 Rebecca Fitzjohn 32.11
6 Charlie Room 34.00
7 Andy/Yvonne Feasey 36.29


Results: here

Splitsbrowser: here

Winsplits: here

Routegdget: here


Organisers Comments:

Hi Everyone

Despite the previous few days heavy rain, we were blessed with plenty of sunshine on Sunday that allowed over 150 runners to enjoy themselves on a course which we have not been able to access for many years.

At the start of the day, our original plans to use the fields in front of Buxtons were squashed due to the wet ground, and so we had to relocate across the road in the Buxtons Garden Machinery carpark, where all the catering, amenities, registration, enquiries & download teams set themselves up.  The Parking team reacted brilliantly to the situation and got over 60 vehicles into the Buxtons car park to allow the field to dry  enough to let another 60 cars to park later in the morning.  The last runners finished before 2pm and we were all packed off both sites by 3.30pm Рstill enjoying the fine weather.

My thanks to all the participants who turned up and assumed that orienteering goes ahead whatever the weather.  Big thank you to all the teams within Walton Chasers РParking, Start, Finish, Enquiries, Download, Registration for their help before, during and after the event.  Special thanks to the Parking team for turning their plans on a tuppence when the circumstances dictated themselves weather wise.

Thanks to for providing us with wonderful hot food and refreshments & the charity cake stall from the West Midlands Junior Squad who raised £90 on the day from providing all our juniors with well done treats from their participation.  Special thanks to Alison George from & who was there to help runners and volunteers recover from the exertions of the day.  Thanks to St Johns Ambulance & Loos Direct for their services on the day.

We also highly appreciated all the help and support given by the landowner Lucy Buxton from Buxtons who let us use the fields and car park facilities on the day, and Mark The Farmer for sorting just about everything else on the day, even helping to put up tents for everyone.

Well done to Matt Hartland (assisted by Kelvin) for the planning of what proved to be a technically challenging event both in terms of scope and physical size.  Look forward very much to working with you both on a future event.  Walton Chasers are indeed lucky to have such talented juniors in our ranks who can both orienteer at a great level but organise events too.  My thanks to Tony Feltbower from OD for Controlling the event and providing sage words of advice at all times.

See you at the next Chasers event



Planners Comments:


Controllers Comments:

House Team League Update

Well, the end of the year is fast approaching, which means the inaugural House Team League¬†will soon be officially awarded to one of the teams.¬† I know one team has been out in the lead all year, but the race isn’t over until the last points are counted, so don’t be put off attending any more events this year if you happen to be in one of the trailing teams!

More scores have been added to bring the league tables bang up to date.¬† As ever, if you think I’ve missed anything please let me know (don’t worry, Allan, I have you down as controller for the Castle Vale Urban).

Full details are here, the main table is as follows:









I believe we are planning on running the league again next year – team membership will be recalculated due to the changes in the way BOF membership will work.¬† If anyone has any ideas for how the league could be improved, please send them through to me at¬† I can’t promise to implement all suggestions, but I can promise to take them all into consideration.