Saturday Series – Penkridge Bank



Thanks to Riina, John & Simon for collecting the controls.

Next event in 2 weeks from Seven Springs.

Shoal Hill – Regional Event

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Many thanks to everyone who baked cakes and helped to sell them today.  Also many thanks to everyone who bought them and thus supported the West Midlands Junior Squad to the sum of £140.20!
Thanks also to Walton Chasers for accommodating us at their event.  It is hoped to have anothe cakestall in aid of the West Midland Junior Squad at ODs WML Hay Wood event on 20th November (note change of venue from Old Arley).  Hope to see you there!

Planners Comments – Kelvin Dawson

Shoal Hill is a lovely little area and the end of the quarrying work has made it a lot easier to criss cross over the rather than in previous years having to skirt round a big out bounds in the middle! My courses were at the low end of the recommendations for long events mainly because Im absolutely convinced that areas this size would be much more suited to middle distance events. I tried therefore to mix up a few long legs with short legs and lots of changes of direction. Admittedly slightly more technical would make it more of a “proper” middle but I would hope that the WM league is going to start incorporating middle, sprint, urban and score events into it over the next few years to embrace the exciting new developments in the sport and encourage other participants

Im glad to hear that feedback Mike got was good and I stood around and tried to get plenty myself; it makes it all worthwhile to hear people have enjoyed themselves. Apologies for a few slight map corrections missing which given slightly more time to plan (!) I would have hopefully spotted that said I thought though Neil our mapper did an excellent job at short notice making various changes and spent time cycling around there and spotting some Id missed himself.

 It was really great to see the WMJS out and about on the area. My apologies to them for changing the control codes and some of the sites at the last minute! Thanks to them also for collecting the majority of controls from the heathland area which made the collecting job a lot easier. I now know that 24 controls is the most I can carry at once!

Finally thanks to Hannah (& Mark) for organising everything so well and providing me with a slab of rocky road and to Mike for keeping me on the straight and narrow – going out together to mark the sites worked very well and allowed us to make alterations while we were out there.

Hope to see you all soon 🙂

Controller’s Comments       Shoal Hill 

 Moto Cross motor bikes had put in several new tracks which it was not possible to map in the time available. Visiting and taping all the control sites with Kelvin the previous weekend gave us confidence that we had the correct locations. Kelvin and helpers put out stakes in the safe areas on Saturday  and this helped those putting out flags and SI boxes. I thought I was on schedule checking and waking them up when I got a phone call at 10:10 am saying there were people itching to start! I had 12 still to check, but luckily on the downhill run in.

Waylaying early finishers produced positive feedback for Kelvin’s courses which was pleasing.

Hannah answered my concerns about the route to the start by cutting the length of roadside walk, having BIG WARNING SIGNS for motorists and a Hi Viz Crossing Marshall. She had a useful tip which should appear in the Handbook- ‘ The Organiser shall provide the Controller with a BIG CAKE at the Start for when he arrives from checking all the controls. ‘ It was so good I hurried down to Assembly to buy another.

The neat display of results from the mini printer is worth other clubs copying I thought.

Mike Callow, Wrekin Orienteers. Don’t miss our WM League Event on The Ercall, November 6th. You are in for a technical treat!

Winter Score League

After 3 of the 9 score league events, Kelvin has taken an strong lead.  The scores so far are as follows.  Next event 3rd November at Jonathan Howell’s house.

    Dawson Turner Stamp Total Points (after 3 of 9)
1 Kelvin Dawson 25 25 25 75
2 Jon Howell             25 18 25 68
3 Mark Garside           20 20 25 65
4 Ray Collins               18 13 17 48
=5 Andy Yeates           22 13 12 47
=5 Dave Brown   22 25 47
7 Neil Adams              17 14 11 42
8 Christine Collins (F)       16 10 15 41
9 Chris Boycott  (W)       15 11 13 39
10 John Robinson   18 16 34
11 Ian Turner   25   25
12 Iain Stamp     25 25
13 Sue Findlay-Robinson (F)   9 14 23
14 Cath Williams  (F)   18   18
15 Sue Williams (F)   15   15
  (F)= Female        
  (W) = Walker        

WM League Event Leek UPDATED

Congratulations due to various Chasers at todays event near Leek.

Firstly Holly Craig for winning the Yellow and apparently beating previous M60 World Sprint Champion Andy Hempsted as well !

Secondly Congratulations for Heather Craig for winning Orange by a substantial margin.

Finally congrats to Mike Musters for a great run on the Blue, top 10 finish and beat a whole host of other Chasers too.

***UPDATED BIT*** Even more finally, well done to Matt Hartland for an excellent 12th in the British Schools Score Event on Sunday



Winter Score League – Codsall

A merry band of travellers made their way down for the second and probably final time to the Dawsons house in Codsall before our move to Stafford in November to run the first of the newly inaugurated Winter Score League.

Despite various appeals and protests the organiser applies rule 9 and therefore the results stand as on the night although I will apologise to Mark Garside for missing out a road on the map! It was a close run thing with the gap bewteen first and second coming down to the choice between a thirty point control against two tens and a twenty.  Satisfyingly for me every control was visited by at least one person.

Therefore points were scored as follows:

  1. Jon Howell             25 Points
  2. Andy Yeates          22 Points
  3. Mark Garside          20 Points
  4. Ray Collins              18 Points
  5. Neil Adams             17 Points
  6. Christine Collins       16 Points
  7. Chris Boycott         15 Points

Interestingly the only control missing the next morning was one right next to Codsall Church!

West Midland Relays 2011

The West Midland Relays took place in the sunshine today on Pelsall Common.  Well done to all the winning teams and thanks to Planner Allan Williams and Organiser Dorothy Wilson for stepping in when the other officials had to drop out and we lost our original area.  We hope you enjoyed your day and the smell of our sausages cooking which were delicious and is something to be highly recommended  🙂

Full formatted results & splits should be available in a week.  Individual pages follow here:
A_Mini Relays
B_Junior Women
D & J_Int Women & Vet Women
E_Int Men
F_Open Women
G_Open Men
H&K_Snr Women / Vet Men
I_Snr Men
L_SVet Men
M_SVet Men

Routegadget here

Chasers Success (in the pub!)

After a hard summer of preparation, a crack team of Chasers took on the might of Rugeley pub quiz teams at the Thursday night pub quiz at The Chase after training, and won!

The team of Ray, Christine, John, Sue, Neil, Andy, Alison, Cath & Stodge excelled in the general quiz questions, performed well in the musical round and almost lost it in their poor celebrity knowledge, but hung on to win from the “Jammy Dodgers” by a single point.

Bike Orienteering Results – Clifton Campville

clifton campville results available here

Overall results will be available early next week