Introductory Family O – 3rd July

After an approach from Midlands Psychology to work with the families they support, Walton Chasers arranged an much delayed introductory event using the permanent course markers at the Birches Valley Forestry Centre. The rain more or less held off and on the day four families went round some of the courses following a briefing on how orienteering works.
Results were as follows (permissions obtained):
*The Medway family completed the white and orange courses.  On the white times were 15.29 and 15.39.  The orange times were not recorded by the team.
*The Tiso family had two members completing the white course in 25.10 and 25.13.  They also did the orange but times were not recorded.
*The Ross family completed the orange course in 38.46.
*The Colman family completed the yellow course in 21.55.
Well done to all concerned.  Thanks to the supporting team from Chasers and the Forestry who facilitated the event.
If you are interested in having a go at orienteering, watch this space, as we are looking at what we can do to put on some introductory sessions open to all.

Peel Pursuit 2021

Thanks to Jonathan for organising the annual Peel Pursuit Handicap Race on Tuesday evening, followed by a picnic instead of the usual BBQ.  Well done to all who ran, and in particular our 2021 champions:
Fastest runner – Henry Webb
Senior Handicap – Ray Collins
Junior Race – Charlotte Dawson

Junior Race Run Time Position
Charlotte Dawson 8.22 1
James Findlay-Robinson 8.3 2
Senior Race Run Time Run Position Handicap Race Time Race Position Expected run Time Time Difference
Ray Collins 23.48 6 16 39.48 1 25 -1.12
David Brown 22.27 5 18 40.27 2 23 -0.33
Dan Findlay-Robinson 19.29 3 21 40.29 3 20 -0.31
Jonah Hearn 19.42 4 21 40.42 4 20 -1.18
Henry Webb 14.53 1 26 40.53 5 15 -0.07
Simon Webb 18.38 2 23 41.38 6 18 0.38
Allan Williams 26.51 7 15 41.51 7 26 0.51
Andy Lewis 28.11 8 21 49.11 8 20 xx
Tammy Short 30.2 9 19 49.2 9 22 xx
Danii Horton 70.17 10 0 70.17 10 45 xx

Club training – spring/summer 2021

As we come out of lockdown, British Orienteering guidance allows us to start up our summer training schedule.  This year, we’ll be keeping it to club members only so that we can manage the social distancing.  We hope to start some ‘introduction to orienteering’ sessions later in the year, so watch this space for more news.

Shoal Hill colour coded race 25th April

We’re back!  With the easing of lockdown due in the next few weeks, we have re-arranged the delayed Shoal Hill colour coded race for Sunday 25th April.  The event will be pre-entry only (no entry on the day) on Fabian4entries are now full.  Initial details here:  Shoal Hill 25 April 2021
NEW! Final details here: Shoal Hill 25 April 2021 Final Details.