2020 Night-O series results

The last night-O of the year was held in Etchinghill, Rugeley last Thursday, and concludes the 2020 season.  Somewhat different to usual of course, with the first half (until early March) as standard night-O, then the 2nd half was adapted to use the MapRunF app.
It was close amongst the top 4, but Ray is the clear winner by 2 points and Mary is the ladies champion.
Well done to you both.
Series results here: 2020_Street_O

Mungo Bone Handicap 2020 Results

This year’s Mungo Bone Handicap Race was held over the space of a week, with runners putting in their times using the MapRunF phone app.  It wasn’t quite the wettest underfoot conditions but not far off it.
Congratulations to John Robinson for securing victory over all-comers.  Top lady, and just behind John was Sue Garside.  Fastest runner was Henry Webb in an amazing 13 minutes 47 seconds.  Considering the conditions were so poor this is a fantastic time.  Fastest lady was Jenny Peel in 22.44. 
In the junior race Nathan Peel managed to retain his trophy for another year in a time of 14 minutes 24 seconds.
Thanks to all who ran even if it was a bit surreal.  Hopefully back to normal in 2021!

  Name Running Time Handicap Net Time
1 John Robinson 23.31 -4 19.31
2 Sue Garside 28.33 -9 19.33
3 Henry Webb 13.47 6 19.47
4 Dave Peel 17.03 3 20.03
5 Oscar Peel 22.25 -2 20.25
6 Mark Stodgell 18.41 2 20.41
7 Dan Findlay-Robinson 17.44 3 20.44
8 Ray Collins 20.47 0 20.47
9 Phil Hadland 22.5 -2 20.5
10 Neil Adams 22.21 -1 21.21
11 Sally Hughes 26.25 -5 21.25
12 Jonah Hearn 20.49 1 21.49
13 Jenny Peel 22.44 0 22.44
14 Stuart Duckworth 20.52 2 22.52
15 Mark Garside 21.59 1 22.59
16 Mary Adams 25.04 -2 23.04
17 Jonathan Howell 24.31 1 25.31
  Junior Race      
1 Nathan Peel 14.24    
2 Melanie Hearn 24.23    

Mungo Bone (Virtual) Handicap Race 2020

The Mungo Bone is our annual club handicap run that normally takes place on the Saturday before Christmas.  As you will have guessed the Mungo Bone will not be happening this year, at least not in the usual way.  In 2020 the race will be a MapRun event, the same as the summer handicap.   Full MapRun instructions on how to download and use it on you phone can be found by clicking the link at:
MapRun and Permanent O courses « Walton Chasers (walton-chasers.co.uk)
The race should have been on Saturday December 19th, so the start window will be from 11am on December 12th until 19th at 12 noon.  Have as many goes as you want in the time frame if you want more than one run.
A map of both the junior and senior routes is attached, the blue is the route and the red dots are “controls” on the way round.  At the start you device will beep to say your time has started and you start running.  Just run through the “controls”, if they do not beep do not worry.  As you cross the finish you will get another beep.  Your results will automatically upload to the results page but these results are running time BEFORE your handicap allowance makes an adjustment.  Ray will sort the handicaps, based on an estimate of your expected running time.

Shoal Hill Race postponed

Unfortunately, we have decided that we should postpone the Shoal Hill race that was due to take place on 13th December.  This is due to the area currently being in a level 3 tier area and today’s British Orienteering guidance which states that “People are advised not to travel into or out of tier 3 areas (very high alert) in order to participate or volunteer in an orienteering activity or event”.  We have pencilled in 7th February as a new date for the event, by which time we hope that restrictions will be lifted.
In the meantime, we still have MapRuns (including a new one in The Haywoods near Rugeley) and Permanent Courses that you can take part in individually.  All details are here.

Wendy Billing

Photo Credit: Nick Barrable, CompassSport

It is with sadness that we report the death of ex Walton Chaser Wendy Billing (nee Lightfoot) at the far too young age of 57.  Wendy started orienteering with Chasers as a junior, and continued at a high national and international level in the sport throughout her life with her local club, South Yorkshire Orienteers.  Condolences to her family from all at Walton Chasers.  Her brother, Nick, has written a obituary published on the SYO website here.

Haywoods Maprun

We have launched a new Maprun challenge around the villages of Great, Little Haywood and Colton and the surrounding countryside which includes canals and the open access National trust areas. The map has been carefully updated and a 60 min challenge planned for families to enjoy together but also to test the fastest orienteering athletes. Maprun enables socially distanced orienteering at a time to suit you.

The challenge uses the ‘Maprun F’ app available for IOS and Android. Once installed, find the challenge in Maprun under ‘Select an event’ – ‘UK’ – ‘Staffordshire’. – ‘Haywoods’ You can either use the map on the app or print off the map below and just use the app to track your progress (make sure to give the app full permissions to access the GPS on your phone to keep it ‘awake’ and tracking you).

The start and finish are the postbox on trent lane, Great Haywood (marked on the map with a pink triangle). There are plenty of places to park in and around the village, please respect local residents and park carefully. From the start you have 60 mins to find as many checkpoints (each worth 20 points) as you can of the 31 available. Don’t be late as you lose points (10 points per minute)! Your result will be displayed on the app when you finish. Note: avoid running through the finish until you intend to complete your run as the app will assume you are finishing!

Saftey – Please take care crossing the roads, particularly the main road through the villages and the two crossings of the A51 (marked). Many of the footpaths pass through open fields that may contain cattle, please follow the countryside code.

Footwear – Although lots of lanes and streets there are significant stretches of potentially slippery footpaths and fields, a shoe with some grip is reccomended.

Please support the local businesses while in the area which include the Canalside Farm Shop and Cafe and Spar in Great Haywood and the 3 pubs in the villages (when restrictions allow).

Please note as will most maprun challenges these events are not formally organised or insured via British Orienteering. Therfore you take part at your own risk, including any 3rd party liabilities.

MapRun and Permanent O courses

Despite the new lockdown measures, orienteering is still very much open for everyone to enjoy!  Even though we can’t run the organised events, you can still use MapRun and Permanent Orienteering courses for individual exercise. Obviously, we recommend you follow government guidance on travelling for exercise.

We have Virtual Orienteering Courses available using the MapRunF app, and will add more soon.  Basic instructions on how to use the app are here: MapRun instructions
Lichfield Short and Very Short – 2 linear courses
MapRunF – Lichfield Instructions
Lichfield MR Short Course PDF
Lichfield MR Very Short Course PDF
Royal Oak, Rising Brook, Stafford – Score course
WCH Winter 2 – Rising Brook Instructions
Rising Brook Oct2020
Hednesford – Score course
WCH Winter 1 – Hednesford Instructions
Hednesford Sep2020
Wildwood, Stafford– Score course
WCH Winter 3 – Wildwood Instructions
Wildwood Map Oct20
The Haywoods, (Great Haywood, Little Haywood and Colwich, near Rugeley)– Score course
Barton (Barton-under-Needwood, between Lichfield and Burton upon Trent) – score course
WCH Winter 4 – Barton
Barton Map Dec20

Forestry England run Permanent Orienteering Courses from Birches Valley Visitor Centre on Cannock Chase (there are currently White, Yellow and Orange courses available – Light Green closed at the moment for forestry operations) – details here: https://www.forestryengland.uk/cannock-chase-forest/orienteering-cannock-chase
We now also have MapRunF enabled for these Permanent courses – you’ll find them under ‘Staffordshire’ / ‘Birches Valley’ on the app.

Please note as will most MapRun challenges these events are not formally organised or insured via British Orienteering. Therefore you take part at your own risk, including any 3rd party liabilities.

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