Winter Score League – Round 4

Jonathan Howell organised Thursday’s night-O, around a new map of Penkridge.  Here are the latest standings.  Next event on Thursday in Barton-under-Needwood. 

  League Table @ 08/11/2012          
    Radford Bank Wildwood Abbots Bromley Penkridge Best 4 Total
1 Ray Collins 25 21 22 22 90 90
2 Andrew Soltysik 19 17 21 25 82 82
3 Jon Howell 25 23   25   73
4 Mark Garside 22 25 23     70
5 Andy Yeates 18 22 25     65
6 Christine Collins 16   20 20   56
7 Simon Webb 23 25       48
8 Kelvin Dawson     25 21   46
9 Dave Brown   19   23   42
10 Cath Williams 21 18       39
11 Mary Adams 15 16       31
12 Neil Adams 14 15       29
=13 Lizzie Adams   20       20
=13 Neil Lawford (cyclist)     20   20
15 Allan Williams 17         17

House Team League – 4th November Update

Doesn’t time fly when you’re forgetting to do league table updates!  I must have been distracted by all the other exciting things happening, like AGMs and O events on the Chase 🙂

Latest event results are now processed, including hot off the press from today – Bury Ditches and Spring Cottage.  Congratulations are due to Andy Yeates and Ray Collins, both of whom have passed the 1,000 individual points mark.

Don’t forget to visit the Team League page for full details.

If anyone controlled or planned a league relevant event recently, please check to see that you have been awarded “Official” points.  I think I’ve caught everyone, but I’m not always aware of which events you control for other people.









Winter Score League – Round 3

Thursday saw the 3rd Winter Score League, this time organised by Andy around Abbots Bromley using a brand new map.  After a steward’s enquiry on a couple of route choices, the scores are as follows.

League Table @ 1/11/2012        
    R’ford Bank W’wood Abb Brom Total
1 Mark Garside 22 25 23 70
2 Ray Collins 25 21 22 68
3 Andy Yeates 18 22 25 65
4 Andrew Soltysik 19 17 21 57
=5 Simon Webb 23 25   48
=5 Jon Howell 25 23   48
7 Cath Williams 21 18   39
8 Christine Collins 16   20 36
9 Mary Adams 15 16   31
10 Neil Adams 14 15   29
11 Kelvin Dawson     25 25
12 Lizzie Adams   20   20
13 Dave Brown   19   19
14 Allan Williams 17     17

West Midland Champs 2012

Somewhat belatedly (apologies), congratulations to our new WM Champions.  Last weekend saw the WM Champs held at Saltwells near Dudley.  Most got away with a run in the dry and when the rain finally arrived, we could have had a competition of how many juniors can be fitted in one cake tent!  Anyway, our 2012 West  Midland Champions are:
Hannah Garside on W18, Hazel Waters on W60, Matt Hartland on M14 and Holly Craig on W10.
Other top 3’s were Allan Williams, 2nd on M40, Andrew Yeates, 3rd on M50, Alison Yeates, 2nd on W45, Carol Dredge, 2nd on W55, Norman Hall, 2nd on M75, Gemma Cairns-Smith, 2nd on W14, Heather Craig, 3rd on W14, and, finally, Holly Stodgell, 2nd on W10.

Junior Training Camp, Walesby & Clumber Race Results

dsc_0506After all the coaching at the Junior Training Camp it was decided that the Orangeish and Yellowish groups would have a race on their  final course of the day and the results of this are below……apologies for the delay, the piece of paper with the times on it went missing….anyway without further ado


Adam Mardling 22:36

Holly Craig 32:40

Jasper Williams 42:41

Holly Stodgell Retired

Hard Yellowish

Nadia Williams 12:51

Charlotte Cairns-Smith 15:09

Esther Mardling 29:52

Adam Methven 32:17

Well done to all and thanks for help collecting the controls (although suspiciously I was left with the ones furthest away !)

Yvette Baker Qualifier 2012

dsc_0346Well done to all the Chasers Juniors for competing so well in the Yvette Baker Qualifier, and then enjoying a post-race dinner at Wagamamas. There were good runs all round, no disqualifications, & it was fab to see Heather back running with a smile, Matt flying around the orange, Holly C taking full points on the yellow and even a few teenie dinkies having fun on the white course.

[nggallery id=37]

The downside of the day is that we have been beaten by OD, and although they were in the top 5 in the final last year, there was no second qualifying spot available because we only had 2 competing teams in the qualifying heat. Bad luck, guys, but we’re proud of you!!

House Team League – Update

Well, it serves me right. Congratulations to Team West who have leapfrogged into second place, leaving my own team languishing in third. September was an excellent month for all teams, thanks to both a local regional event at Swynnerton with 30 people running and of course to the fact that 41 people registered points at the level A event that was the Compass Sport Cup Final (aka Fifty Shades of Mud). Plenty more league events coming up in the next few months so time for everything to change before the end of the year!

Full details as ever…

CSC Final 2012 aka Fifty Shades of Mud

The original invite didnt disappoint as fifty Chasers braved a bleak wet muddy Scottish hillside for the Compass Sport Cup Final 2012 on Sunday.

For some this started early Saturday with a long drive up to Carlisle with simultaneous equations all round and what I am informed was an entertaining Urban Race in Carlisle while for others on the super excellent number one fun bus a it began mid afternoon on Saturday with long drive up to Carlisle encompassing singing a slap up meal at tebay and general gaiety.

On the Sunday we all made our way up the A7 to Teviothead where we were treated to a fantastically organised event by Roxburgh Reivers on the aforementioned bleak hillside. And also more rain wind and mud than you could shake a stick at!

Outstanding performances all round meant that we not only hit the captains target of not finishing last but exceeded it and didnt finish second to last either. While its probably not fair to name individuals Im going to anyway and Matt Hartland top scored for the club closely followed by Hazel, Beth Andy and Jo.

Also a special mention to Adam Mardling for being second M10 on the Orange with a fantastic time and to Gemma, Henry Holly and Holly all running up on a “proper” Orange course on an type of area they’d not often seen before also to Simon Webb for being the clubs top finisher on the Brown.

Mike Musters was fastest Chaser on the run in and would have won a beanie if I hadnt had a lucky dip draw the night before and already given them all away!

On a personal note Id like to thank everyone for coming along, having fun in the mud and above all enjoying themselves and keeping spirits up. There are more and more juniors starting to come through the ranks and getting to days like this and  achieving a big turnout and having a fun time will inspire them and help the club grow even further. And make them like mud……. both of which are good things 🙂

Results are here

Photos to follow shortly