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16/12/2006 Come and Meet Liam Killeen.
Mammoth Lifestyle, run by Gary and K Foord, our summer Chase Challenge Sponsor is having a grand opening of thier refurbished shop in Milford on Saturday (16th) morning. Come and meet Liam before coming up to our MTBO
He will be in the shop from 10am till 11.30 signing posters.
10/12/2006 Junior’s achieve 7th place in Yvette Baker Final
The Final of the Yvette Baker Trophy took place today near Newbury and a bus full of juniors went down to represent Chasers.
Cath says:
Thank you all for your efforts – 7th place is fab (OK, so first would have been better, but at least we were in the final!), and we were less than 20 points down on a top 5 finish, out of well over 100 clubs around the country. That’s ace!

Our scorers today were:
96 points           Ian Evans
95 points           Bethan Jones
95 points           Beth Aucutt
95 points           Will Viles
93 points           Nia Nokes
92 points           Mark Robinson
90 points           Cat Bushnell
86 points           Hannah Garside
86 points           Sophie Thomas

Full results can be found at http://www.cix.co.uk/~neper/ybt2006/

But everybody else did their bit, too, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Let’s go for top 5 next year (and hopefully some of our stars who couldn’t be with us today due to illness, injury, British Squad commitments will be around to help out).

I’m sorry there was no pizza delivery – I promise after next years first round we’ll have another meal out somewhere!

Well done again, and see you out in a forest somewhere soon,



15/10/2006 WCH compete in Compass Sport Cup Final
Chasers put up a good effiort at the CS Cup Final held at Greenham Common near Newbury, but only managed 6th place despite some excellent runs. A very sociable day was had on the coach and in the club tent that was at the heart of the action right by the finish line. Stodge was taking loads of photos and these are now in the gallery. Well done to everyone who ran, the point scorers were as follows: 

Class Time Points
Matt Crane M21 00:47:15 100
Rob Little M21 00:52:54 94
Iain Stamp M21 01:04:18 69
Steve Clayton M40 01:07:51 60
Allan Williams M35 01:13:44 46
Oliver Nokes M21 01:19:09 36
Dave Brown M21 01:21:01 32
Blue Men
Andy Yeates M45 00:45:22 89
Bob Dredge M55 00:51:17 71
Mike Thompson M45 00:52:02 64
Ian Turner M45 00:53:55 53
Gareth Little M20 00:54:40 48
Jonathan Howell M50 00:54:54 47
Mark Garside M45 00:55:25 41
Ray Collins M50 00:57:00 33
Blue Women
Claire Bushnell W40 01:00:37 62
Beth Clayton W40 01:01:21 60
Cath Williams W21 01:03:37 50
Julie Phelan W40 01:08:45 36
Green Men
Chris Boycott M60 00:40:31 92
Roger Birch M60 00:42:26 82
Pat Murray M60 00:42:50 78
Gary Langston M65 00:53:00 26
Doug Peel M70 00:55:47 18
Green Women
Jo Thompson W20 00:40:11 92
Hazel Waters W55 00:54:36 34
Pam Murray W55 01:02:24 14
Short Green Veterans
Jane Christopher W60 00:46:34 94
Dorothy Wilson W65 00:54:39 80
Marlene Palmer W70 00:58:23 64
Pam Emberton W75 01:07:56 48
Light Green Juniors
Mikey Hopkins M18 00:24:11 94
Adam Bushnell M18 00:31:36 80
Catherine Bushnell W16 00:32:23 78
Ian Evans M16 00:37:39 52
William Viles M16 00:39:58 50
Sophie Thomas W16 00:41:42 44
Helen Clayton W16 00:46:33 38
Michael Collins M16 00:50:30 32
Stuart Clayton M14 00:27:33 58
Dave Allen M14 00:38:19 20
Tom Paddock M14 00:39:44 10


02/10/2006 Junior’s through to Yvette Baker Final
Congratulations to all Chaser’s juniors who competed in the YBT round at Pooley Fields. They made it through to the finals due to be held at Newbury on December 10th when we should have an even stronger team.After the event the team headed down to Pizza Hut to celebrate…..
15/05/2006 Junior Selections
Congratulations to Mikey Hopkins who has been selected for the Uppsala Tour and to Catherine Bushnell for the Glenmore Tour.
15/05/2006 West Midlands Schools Champs
Well done to all who took part.
Top 5 performances for
Jess Ryde
Mikey Hopkins
Natalie Tucker
Catherine Bushnell
Sophie Thomas
Amy Thompson
Bethan Jones
William Viles 

Oakridge School was 4th in the junior competition
Walton High School was 3rd, King Edward VI School 5th and Adams Grammar School was 6th in the senior trophy.

21/04/2006 JK2006
Bob Dredge on the podium
Loads of Chasers headed up to Yorkshire for the JK over Easter weekend.
It was a testing weekend of competition on contrasting terrain with some great courses.Congratulations to Bob Dredge who finished second on M55L – the best Chasers result of the weekend, and the only one to make it onto the top 3. 

Matt Crane (M21E), James Bennett (M20E) and Heather Butterfield (W21S) all finished in 4th place and deserve a special mention.

Our top 10 finishers were:

M20E 4th James Bennett
M21E 4th Matt Crane
M21L 7th Mike Barnby
10th Alistair Powell
M55L 2nd Bob Dredge
M60L 9th Tony Duncan
W20E 7th Jo Thompson
W21S 4th Heather Butterfield
8th Sarah Dredge
W50S 10th Helen Thompson
W55L 8th Hazel Waters
W60L 7th Jane Christopher
W65L 5th Dorothy Wilson

The relays were fast and furious, with several Chasers teams competing. Although none made it into the top 3, there was an outstanding performance from “WCH you lookin’ at?” (Amy T, Sophie T and Cat B) – 3 juniors who finished 3 minutes from the podium in a highly competitive open womens short open relay. Well done, guys!

10/04/2006 Compass Sport Cup Round 1
Over 50 Chasers made the trip to Croft Castle for the Compass Sport Cup first round competition. Several key team members were missing through illness, injury or other commitments. However, those who made it ran well and although we finished second on the day to BOK (Bristol), we made it through to the final, beating HOC and NGOC.Team scorers were
100     Beth Clayton                          Blue
100     Jane Christopher                  Short Green
100     Mikey Hopkins                       Light Green
99        Rob Little                                Brown
99        James Bennett                      Blue
98        Jo Thompson             Green
97        Iain Stamp                              Brown
97        Ian Turner                               Blue
96        Claire Bushnell                      Blue
96        Chris Boycott                         Green
96        Seonaid Dudley                    Short Green
94        Gareth Little                           Blue
94        Dorothy Wilson                      Short Green
90        Allan Williams                        Brown
90        Ianka Petrova-Evans            Blue
90        Hazel Waters             Green
90        Pat Murray                             Green
90        Cat Bushnell                          Light Green
90        Stuart Clayton                        Orange
89        Mike Thompson                    Blue
88        Lloyd Biddell                          Brown
88        Ray Collins                             Blue
87        Dave Brown                           Brown
86        Andy Yeates                          Blue
84        Cath Williams                        Blue
84        Pam Emberton                      Short Green
84        Sophie Thomas                     Light Green 

A big “Thank You” to Iain Stamp for contacting everybody in the club to get such a good turn out.
Keep Sunday, 15th October free in your diaries for the final at Greenham Common – your club will need you!

10/04/2006 British Championships 2006
The British Champs were held in West Sussex this year on an area new to orienteering. It provided a true test of orienteering ability, with a wide variety of terrain and excellent planning (as well as lots of mud). Whilst we have no British champions, there were some excellent results on the day.
Top 10 finishers from Chasers were:
M21E  3rd Matt Crane
W40L  3rd Beth Clayton
W21S 4th Heather Butterfield
M65L  5th Garry Langston
W35S 5th Alison Yeates
W50L  6th Carol Dredge
M21L  8th Alistair Powell
M35S  8th James Preston
M70L  8th Doug Peel
W20E 8th Jo Thompson
W21L  8th Cath Williams
W60L  8th Jane Christopher
W21S 10th Sarah Dredge
M18L  10th Mikey Hopkins
M20E  10th James Bennett
The relays were fast and furious with short, testing courses. Again we had no champions, but a good time was had by all!
10/04/2006 Chasers become affiliated to the TCA
As part of the expansion of Walton Chasers event portfolio we have become affiliated to the Trail Cyclists Association ( note new logo at base of each page). Not only does this mean that we can now hold officially recognised Bike Orienteering and Trailquests, but it also enables anybody competing at Trailquests / MTBO to enter representing WCH.
For more info see the TCA calendar link here…..
28/02/06 Interland Results:
Jane Christopher and Mikey Hopkins were called up to join James and Beth in the England Squad for the Interland competition (England vs Germany vs Belgium vs Holland) which took place in Germany over the weekend and helped England to a convincing victory.Jane won W60, James was second on M20, as was Beth on W40. Mikey ran well against older competition, finishing well in 8th place.
17/01/06 Outdoor Show at the NEC 17th – 19th March
BOF members are entitled to a discount off tickets for this year’s Outdoor Show. To book tickets either go online at www.theoutdoorsshow.co.uk or telephone 0870 010 9086 and quote BOO1 to get 2 tickets for £18 (A saving of £10 off door prices).
If you would like to volunteer to help promote Orienteering at the Outdoor Show please contact Caroline Povey at the BOF Office. Tel 01629 734042 or emailcaroline@britishorienteering.org.uk.
17/01/06 Beth and James selected to run for Engalnd at Interland
Beth Clayton (W40) and James Bennett (M20) have been selected to run for England at the Interland match to be held on 26 Feb 2006 at Warendorf, near Munster, Germany.