Domination Short Races

Well done to Stampy for maintaining his winning start to this years Domination series, and to Holly H for finishing top woman in tonight’s Short Race. Thanks to Kelvin for organising, and great to see such a good turnout.

Results can be seen on Routegadget.

Overall, Stampy keeps his lead in the mens race, Cath W takes the lead in the womens and Henry becomes the lead junior.

The next Domination race is being organised by the Walton High juniors in Stafford town centre from the Aldi car park on June 12th. See you there!!



Current Domination Standings:

Dom 1 – Beaudesert Dom 2 – Shooting Butts Total
Iain Stamp 100 100 200
Dan Findlay-Robinson 78 85 163
Al Ross 73 78 151
Ray Collins 68 73 141
Andy Yeates 60 75 135
Dave Smith 64 68 132
Stuart Duckworth 51 81 132
Jon Howell 66 65 131
Cath Williams 57 65 122
Mary Adams 45 58 103
Henry Webb   91 91
Alison Yeates 40 48 88
Allan Williams 85 85
Mel Hearn 31 50 81
Bob Dredge 81 81
Holly Hughes 66 66
Hol Stodgell 62 0 62
Sally Hughes 61 61
John Robinson Organiser 59 59
Neil Adams 57 57
Isaac Curno 55 55
Hazel Waters 52 52
Ian Jones 50 50
John 44 44
Chris Boycott 42 42
Amy Ward 35 35
Jane Christopher 33 33
Garry Langston 32 32
Sarah Forrest 28 28
Ronnie Hollins 0 0
Charlotte Daniels 0 0
Kelvin Dawson Organiser

Post JK Club Social, Quiz and Prizegiving

This Saturday is the post JK social and club champs prize giving – a chance to say thank you to club members for all the work that went into the JK, and to complete the prizegiving for the delayed club champs.  All club members invited, start is at 7.30 pm.

The planned order for the evening is to start with the buffet (pizza etc), then the first half of the quiz (teams of four) followed by the prize giving and finally the second half of the quiz.  Soft drinks, tea and coffee will also be provided but if you’d like any other drinks please bring your own.

Domination Classic Results

Thank you John for organising the first event of the 2018 Domination series

Results can be seen on Routegadget. Points will be worked out in the next few days, but Iain and Holly take an early lead in the series.

The next Domination event is on Tuesday, 8th May.


Shoal Hill West Midlands League Event – 6 May

Perfect for beginners, for full details click here: Shoal Hill 2018 Final Details v2

Beginners, remember to wear long trousers or running tights please even if it is hot.

Chasers and JK2018

Now that the mud is mostly dried and brushed off, time to say thank you for a highly successful JK. The whole event went very well, much of which was down to Andy’s thorough planning and co-ordination despite all the hiccups along the way. The commitment from the volunteers in the club was indispensable so thanks to everyone who played a part particularly those with major roles.  Those heavily involved with official roles were:

Andy Yeates JK Co-ordinator
Dougie Craig Organiser, Day 1
Ray Collins Planner, Day 1
Allan Williams Controller Day 4
Bob Dredge JK Treasurer
Ian Jones Permissions
Mark Stodgell SI equipment co-ordinator
Sarah & Carol Dredge String Course Coordinators

Day 1 at MOD Stafford was led by Chasers, and a huge thank you must go to everyone for helping on the day, some of you doing long shifts to keep things running smoothly.  Over the weekend, we had a few top 3 performances – Iain Stamp 3rd on Day 1 and 2nd on Day 2 in M35L, Holly Hughes 3rd on Day 2 in W20L, and Oscar Barnby 2nd on Day 2 in M12B – well done all, great performances.
We can now relax a bit until the next major event on our patch – the Compass Sport Cup in October!

Follow up to issues at Brindley event

Following the problems with the maps at the Brindley event on 4th February we have reviewed our organisation and planning systems for events and put in place new guidance.  In particular this includes clearer guidance on preparing the final map for printing and stricter version control in the shared file folders as well as being able to review the final drafts of the courses in good time before printing.  As always we greatly appreciate the work of all our volunteers in helping the club to put on events and these volunteers are often overseeing complex tasks whilst trying to juggle other commitments such as work and family.

Night-O 8th March

Tomorrow night’s score event (8th March) will start at the Oxleathers pub in the Highfield / Rowley Park area at 7pm. The address is: The Oxleathers, Sundown Drive ST17 9QT. The parking area is accessed from Cape Avenue and is shared with the local Spar shop.  Stay for a meal in the pub if you like.

It will be a 45 minute score using street name signs as control points so that all control descriptions are names, e.g. Shakespeare Road. As some people are interested in the Banff Mountain Film Festival showing Jon has said that you can start early on request.

WCH Club Champions

The club champs this year was split into two, with the juniors decided at the Brindley event on 4th Feb and the adults at Wrekin’s Lizard Hill on 18th Feb.
The results are as follows.  Well done to all the winners – the prizegiving will be arranged soon!

M10 1 Jonah Hearn 2 Rory Hind
M10 Handicap 1 Rory Hind
M16 1 Henry Webb
Men’s Open 1 Bob Dredge 2 Dan Findlay-Robinson 3 Kristian Roberts
Men’s Open Handicap 1 Dan Findlay-Robinson
M45+ 1 Roger Richards 2 Andy Yeates 3 Dave Brown
M45+ Handicap 1 Neil Adams
M60+ 1 Jonathan Howell 2 Ray Collins 3 Dave Smith
M60+ Handicap 1 Dave Smith
M70+ 1 Chris Boycott 2 Garry Langston
M70+ Handicap 1 Garry Langston
W12 1 Rebecca Hind
W16 1 Holly Stodgell 2 Hannah Daniels
Women’s Open 1 Holly Hughes
W45+ 1 Sally Hughes 2 Christine Collins 3 Mary Adams
W45+ Handicap 1 Alison Yeates
W60+ 1 Hazel Waters