Peter Palmer Relays 2014

DSC_0925Well done to the Chasers junior team “Happy birthday Mike & June” who competed in the Peter Palmer Relays in the early hours of this morning.

This six leg relay kicks off at 4.30 am and consists of 2 red (long orange) courses, a light green course, an orange course, a yellow course which can have up to 3 starters (but only the first one in counts in the overall time) and finishes with a green course. There has to be at least one male & 1 female in the team, and runners have to be M12-M18. The competition also has trophies for “young” teams (teams whos total age is under 92) and for teams who come from “small” clubs.

Our team of Matt H, Heather C, Alfie S, Holly C, Joe H, Holly S and Gemma C-S saw debuts for Alfie, Joe and Holly S, with Alfie running his first ever light green course, definitely counted as a “young” team, with the total age of the counters coming to only 72, giving away over 20 years in age and experience to the fastest teams!

Matt flew around on first leg finishing in 4th place, and a good run from Heather saw Alfie not only heading out onto his first ever light green course, but doing it in the dark! He did well, but unfortunately managed to be caught when 2 lines headed out of the control circle for number 2 – one the line to number 3 and one a power line, and in the half light and trees, he missed out number 3 :( Holly C ran well on the orange, Joe flew round the yellow finishing in the 7th fastest time of the day, backed up by Holly S & her broken toe, before Gemma gave it her all on the green course, bringing the team in as the 10th team across the line, although disqualified.

Disqualified but not downhearted, a good time was had by all. Bring on PPJR 2015!!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Mike & June!!

Domination sprint race

Many thanks to Ray for stepping in at the last minute and planning/organising the Domination Sprint Race.

Simon Webb is a muppet for mis-punching on his stamping ground and handing Matt his third victory in the Domination Series (he won the pursuit race and the classic race) and therefore takes the overall victory. Cath was top woman on the night, but needs to sort out overall points to see who the top woman is… watch this space!

Well done to all who ran, and a big thank you to all who planned/organised. The Classic race results will be out soon, just a few little problems to sort out, as will  the overall scores.

Matt Hartland 13.36
Allan Williams 15.11
Jon Howell 15.13
Andy Yeates 15.40
Adam Bushnell 15.47
Kelvin Dawson 16.15
Mark Garside 16.39
Dave Brown 16.43
Cath Williams 16.48
Gemma Cairns-Smith 17.11
Claire Bushnell 17.20
Bob Dredge 17.44
Christine Collins 17.52
Alfie Spencer 18.53
John Robinson 19.07
Holly Craig 20.32
Holly Hughes 20.57
Mike Smith 22.08
Amy Mitchell 22.20
Laura Shermer 22.23
Joe Holland 22.29
Neil Adams 22.40
Carol Dredge 24.37
Jim Knight 24.51
Adam Mardling 25.42
Megan Colclough 25.57
Beth Cloclough 25.57
Evan Wade 26.00
Henry Webb 27.15 bike
Sue Findlay-Robinson 27.45
Mary Adams 30.30
Dennis Keley ret
Simon Webb 13.04 mp

Next week is the last Tuesday evening out on the Chase before returning to the gym for the winter.

Ceilidh – British Sprints and Middles Weekend – cancelled

As part of the activities over the weekend of the British Sprints and Middles, I have organised a ceilidh for the Saturday night.  Full details including how to book tickets are on the event website, so feel free to meander over and grab yourself an entry to a fun evening!

This event is now cancelled as ticket sales were minimal and at best we would have run at a huge loss.  Better luck next time!

Chasers at Lakes 5 Days

Chasers Tent Lakes 2014 A group of Chasers have just returned from an excellent week of orienteering in the Lake District.  The event, held every 4 years was as challenging as expected, varying from Day 1 with horizontal rain on oNorman - Lakes 2014pen moorland at Swindale (Shap), to Day 4 in superb hot sunshine up high above the Langdale Valley on Pike Of Blisco with views for miles around.  Although there were a few guest appearances of Chasers popping up to the Lakes for a day or so, 9 Chasers ran every day. The best result was Norman Hall with a close fought 2nd place on M80, just pipped to the win on score count-back. Other overall positions were: Alison Y 7th on W45S, Judith H 14th on W45L, Carol D 35th on W55L, Ian H 27th on M50L, Andy Y 49th on M50L, Dave T 45th on M55L, John R 27th on M60L and Bob D 28th on M60L.
Pictured is the Chasers camp after a hard run in Grizedale and Norman and his prize – calendar & sticky toffee pudding :-)

British Middle Champs – 7th Sept 2014

BMOC 2014Walton Chasers are hosting the British Middle Championships on Brereton Spurs, near Rugeley on 7th September.

Come along for a great weekend of orienteering – British Sprint Champs on Saturday 6th Sept at Keele University followed by British Middle Champs on Sunday 7th.

The website for full details is here:

Pursuit Race 2014

Pursuit Race 2014Tonight saw the Annual Summer Handicap Race on Brocton Coppice.  Full results to follow,  but the winners were:
Senior Handicap – Judith Hughes
Junior Handicap – Charlotte Evans
Fastest time – Matt Hartland

Thanks go to the Craig family for organising and marking out the course, and also to Jonathan Howell for hosting the post race barbeque – and the rain even stayed off for a change!

Yvette Baker Trophy 2014

YBT2014Chasers juniors did us proud over the weekend and finished 5th in the national junior team championships near Brighton.  Missing over half the team that qualified to various events across the country, they were all superstars.  Even better, Meg & Amy made it on to the podium!  Well done all!

West Midlands Relays 2014

WM Relays 2014Nine teams from Chasers competed in the West Midlands Relays in the sunshine today at Park Hall.  Of those 9, a fantastic 4 teams won their class.  They were:
M165+ Ray, Jon, Andy
W165+ Beth, Hazel, Mary
Men’s Open Mike, James, Iain
W42- Holly, Holly, Heather
Well done to them all, and to everyone who ran – we were close to even more victories too….!

The results are hidden away on potoc’s website here