Peel Pursuit

A new Peel Pursuit course saw a new name on the trophy – well done Dave Brown who was first over the line, from Iain Stamp and Alfie Spencer.?????????????


Finishing position & time Name Run time
1 – 00:25:10 Dave Brown 00:20:10
2 – 00:25:40 Iain Stamp 00:17:40
3 – 00:26:04 Alfie Spencer 00:19:04
4 – 00:26:18 John Robinson 00:23:18
5 – 00:26:20 Neil Adams 00:20:20
6 – 00:26:31 Simon Webb 00:17:31
7 – 00:26:47 Cath Williams 00:23:47
8 – 00:26:50 Mark Stodgell 00:18:50
9 – 00:27:08 Andy Yeates 00:20:08
10 – 00:27:16 Mike Musters 00:21:16
11 – 00:27:47 Henry Webb 00:17:47
12 – 00:28:32 Christine Collins 00:27:32
13 – 00:29:25 Matt Hartland 00:20:25
14 – 00:32:42 Holly Hughes 00:27:42
15 – 00:32:43 Holly Stodgell 00:28:43

Many thanks to Jon Howell for organising the evening, and hosting the barbecue, & to Karen for organising the dry weather.

The final event in the Domination Series is on Tuesday, 19th July, with a Score Event from Fives car park on Hednesford Camp.

Current Domination Scores:

Name Classic Middle Sprint Pursuit Total (Best 3)
Iain Stamp 100 100 99 299
Mark Stodgell 91 76 89 93 273
Henry Webb 79 47 94 98 271
Andy Yeates 80 71 94 87 261
Simon Webb 83 66 100 249
Ray Collins 71 79 87 237
Dave Brown 60 78 87 225
John Robinson 65 84 75 224
Cath Williams 62 80 74 216
Neil Adams 62 40 60 86 208
Holly Stodgell 56 0 69 61 186
Matt Hartland 86 86 172
Tom O’Boyle 63 100 163
Mary Adams 49.5 41 58 148.5
Mike Musters 61 82 143
Bob Dredge 45 97 142
Holly Hughes 76 63 139
Alfie Spencer 44 92 136
Claire Bushnell 62 62 124
Ian Jones 56 66 122
Jonathan Howell 58 58 116
Christine Collins 43 64 107
Sam Naylor 93 93
Mark Garside 0 87 87
Neil Pollitt 82 82
Ian Hughes 78 78
Carol Dredge 74 74
Gemma Cairns-Smith 72 72
Allan Williams 68 68
Kelvin Dawson 66 66
Judith Hughes 63 63
Chris Boycott 59 59
Dougie Craig 54 0 54
Jim Knight 53 0 53
Alison Yeates 46 46
Hazel Waters 37 37
Holly Craig 33 33
Dan Wright 32 32
Andy Waters 0 0
Cat Bushnell

Captain’s Weekly 19th June 2016


“Pats on the back” this week go to Mark Stodgell, Cath Williams, Hazel Waters and Holly Stodgell for reaching the A final at the British Sprint Championships last Saturday at the Olympic Park.  At yesterdays DVO event at Carsington Pastures Alison Yeates came 5th on the Short Green and I came 8th on the Blue.  At todays WMOA league event at Sandwell Valley, there are no results yet but, near the end of the event, Simon Webb was 3rd on the Brown, Jon Howell was also 3rd, this time on the Blue and  I was winning the Green course.  Alas, I do not know any more than this.

Tuesday training this week is the Peel Pursuit Summer Handicap and BBQ while next Tuesday, 28th it is a 45 minute score event from the Rifle Range Car Park.

I am collecting names for the second try of running the Shugborough Relays on Wednesday July 6th.  Sarah Dredge  has kindly offered to step in as team manager but let me know if you want to run by Friday July 1st please.

As the summer close season slips in with very few events in the calender this email will go away now and return in September.  There are a few local events plus Croeso taking place over the next two months.  Look at the BOF events page if you get the urge to orienteer somewhere.

Have a lovely summer and keep your eyes on the Chasers web site for Training sessions and events.

Captains Weekly June 12th

Peel Pursuit

“Pats on the back” this week should go to our champions after this weekends British Sprints and Middles in London.  Alas, there are no results yet which sums up the weekend.  PoTB for last week go to Mark Stodgell, Simon Webb and me for 4th, 7th and 10th on the Blue at Pooley Fields.  Henry Webb managed a great 4th place on the star studded Green course while on the stars of tomorrow Light Green Holly Stodgell came a good 7th and second lady.  On the Yellow course Adam Brown came 7th closely followed by brother Joshua in 8th place.  Well done everybody.

Events next weekend are:
DVO have an event on Saturday at Carsington Pasture.  A lovely challenging but runnable area.  Details at

HOC are hosting the next West Midland league event on Sunday at Sandwell Valley off the M% at Junction 1.  Detaills as:

Tuesday Training this week is the Domination League sprint race from the car park at Wildwood Park.  Next Tuesday the 21st is the Summer Handicap race.  Entries to me by Midnight on Sunday 19th as I will be away and out of internet range after that.  At the Glastonbury Festival if you ask  I decided to go at the end of May and will be there from Tuesday 21st onwards.

Finally this Wednesday is the Shugborough Relays with a mass start at 7.30.  We have had a drop out so if you would like a run let me know.


Peel Pursuit 2016 – new route

Peel PursuitTuesday 21st of June sees the 2016 Peel Pursuit Race.  This is an annual handicap race – just a straight run, no navigation required.  Ray will sort the times out shortly, but the 1st person is expected to be off at 7pm.  There is a new route this year, with as always, a cut-off for the juniors.  Have a look at the map to familiarise yourself with the route.  Afterwards, the usual BBQ at Jon’s house.  See the diary entry for more info.

Captains Weekly June 5th 2016


I hope you noticed my absence last week, this was due to me being at the Tamar Triple in the glorious Devon and Cornwall sunshine, but now I am back!   I can hear the groans.

At the TT (see above) the Saturday urban race around Plymouth Hoe was the most challenging urban event I have ever run.  It started on the Hoe and after a couple of controls that were fairly straightforward we entered the Citadel, home of the Royal Marines.  This had several levels, up and down ramps, through under-passes and was quite a challenge.  On exiting the Citadel I thought it would be a quiet, easy run to the finish, not a bit of it.  It got harder.  The final few controls were down the cliffs via stairs to rooftops and then more stairs down to another level and hopefully the correct control.

Days 2 and 3 were simple by comparison.

Events next week include:

On Wednesday OD have an urban event at Warwick University.

On Saturday both HOC, at Arrow Valley, and DVO at Staunton Harold have events.  BUT

the big events of the weekend are the British Sprint Championships at the Olympic Park on Saturday and the British Middle Distance Championships at Leith Hill on Sunday.   Alas, if you have not entered you are too late as there is no Entry on the Day.

Tuesday training this week is in Beacon Park, Lichfield courtesy of Iain Stamp.  While on the 14th it is from Wildwood Park.

On Tuesday 21st it is the annual summer handicap race and BBQ.  The adult course is 4kn and the junior about 2km.  Entries to me by Sunday 19th.

The following Wednesday, the 15th, it is the Shugborough Relays.


Captains Corner 22nd May 2016

WCHFlag“Pats on the back” go for runs at the Whitchurch Urban race.  New member Sam Naylor won course 3.  Great stuff Sam, the first of many victories.  On course 2 Jon Howell came a brilliant second while I came in in 6th place.  On the long course 1 Kristian Roberts came 14th, Allan Williams 21st and new member Amy Ward finished 26th.  Well done all.

The only event next weekend is the Tamar Triple in and around Plymouth.  Entries have closed but there is limited entry on the day.  Local clubs have some training events in mid week see their web sites for details.

Entries for the British Sprints and Middles close ot midnight tonight so if you want to run around the Olympic Park and/ or Leith Hill then enter NOW.

Training this Tuesday is at Shoal Hill, parking at the pub.  Starts are across the road.  The following Tuesday (31st) there is a one-man-relay from Seven Springs car park.  Bring your SI card to both evenings.

If you would like to run at the Shugborough Relays (Wednesday June 15th) I need to know by next Sunday night so that I can enter teams.  Two miles around the grounds circling the house.

Susan Findlay-Robinson 1953-2016

John Robinson and family would like to  thank all members of Walton Chasers for their many cards and condolences, generous contributions to the cause of cancer research (a cheque for £600 will be on its way soon in Susan’s name) and to those who were able to attend the commemoration service for their support and kind words.

Captains Weekly May 15th 2016


“Pats on the back” this week go to the pupils of Walton High School and Oakridge Primary School for winning the team prizes in the West Midland Schools Championships last Saturday.  Well done all of you.

Other “Pats” are numerous after the event at Mansty Wood last Sunday so I will stick to the juniors, sorry “oldies”.  On the White Course Olivia and Fraser Stamp came 3rd while on the Yellow course Rebecca Hind came 4th closely followed, again, by brother Rory in 7th and Adam and Joshua Brown in 8th and 9th places.  On the Orange Course George Howell ran into 3rd place while after a great run Joe Holland WON the Light Green under a new spelling of his name, with newcomer Amy Ward finishing 8th.  On the Green course Adam Mardling ran into a fantastic 7th position beating many good orienteers in the process.

Events next week are thin on the ground.  There are midweek Level D events from OD, WRE and LEI while next Saturday POTOC have an event at Festival Park, Stoke.  Details of all POTOC events at:

Entries close for the Tamar Triple over the May Bank Holiday weekend in and around Plymouth close in about 6 hours while entries for the British Sprints in Olympic Park and the British Middles at Leith Hill in Surrey close next Sunday the 22nd.

Tuesday training this week is from Seven Springs Car park.  The following week is on Shoal Hill on the 24th.  Their wil be no Tuesday training on the 31st unless we have a volunteer.  You can do any event you like from a car park of your choice.  Just contact me.

If you want to run in the Shugborough relays let me know by May 31st