Domination Classic Results

Apologies for forgetting the printer paper for the results of the Domination Classic race, but well done to everyone who battled the terrain and found more controls than me (I’m a wimp!!).

Thanks to Iain for planning and to everyone who helped with control collection, gold stars for you.

Results are here, and will be added into the calculations for this years Domination series. The next event to count will be the summer handicap race on July 14th – you do need to pre-enter (to Ray) to count for points.

Matt Hartland 00:49:20
Tom O’Boyle 00:51:23
Henry Webb 01:10:30
Simon Webb 01:12:04
Ray Collins 01:14:51
Jonathan Howell 01:15:15
Carol Dredge 01:19:10
Dave Thomas Retired
Andrew Waters Missing 6-11
Ian Jones Missing 9-11
Neil Adams Missing 10-12
Riccardo Fernandes Missing 9-11
Kelvin Dawson Missing 6-12
Hazel Waters 00:57:52
Mary Adams 01:01:04
Holly Hughes 01:01:18
Chris Boycott 01:04:32
Jim Knight 01:10:35
Mystery Person 01:17:58
Adam Mardling Missing 7
Alfie Spencer 00:58:24
George Hughes 00:59:16

If the “mystery person” would like to own up to being themselves, I’ll add you to the results.


Footpath Relay 2015

The annual Peak District Footpath Relay was held today in glorious sunshine.  This year, the event was organised by Ashbourne Rugby Club based around Cromford.  There were 2 simultaneous loops, each of 5 runners.  We were 3rd overall, so a great performance all round with some great runs and a fantastic day out.  The team was Loop 1: Kevin, Matt H, Sue D, Dave T, Julia and Loop 2: Matt M, Mark G, Kelvin, Ian H, Judith.  A link to the results is here.

Captain’s Weekly News 21st June

Captains Weekly

Today’s update from Captain Ray is here…..Captains News 21 June 15

Shugborough Relays 2015

Shugborough2015Chasers were well represented at the Shugborough Relays tonight, with 7 teams of 4 competing on the new 2 mile course.  This year was the first to be held at the front of the main house after 26 events based at the outdoor centre’s pavilion, and the twists and turns made for an entertaining evening.  A link to the results is here.

Pride of place went to our Mixed Open team of James, Amy, Emily and Bob who came 5th overall in their class.  A great result.  Our fastest runners were Matt H in 12m 01s, Mike B in 12.04 and Iain S in 12.07.  Emily was our fastest lady in 13.31 with Amy running 14.36 and Holly S in 15.08.  Needless to say, Andy managed to keep up his record and has now run in every one of the 27 races….

A few more photos courtesy of Ian Jones:
ShuboroughMattShuboroughMarkShuboroughIainShuboroughTracy ShuboroughHeather

Captain’s Weekly News – 7th June

Captains WeeklyUpcoming Relays:
The Footpath Relay is full.  If you wish to be on the reserve list let me know.
Shugborough Relay entries need to be with me by Wednesday 10th June.
WMOA Relay entries to me by July 1st.

Upcoming Events this week:
Apart from the usual OD, HOC and WRE weekly training events the only race I can find is the Chesterfield Urban Race next Sunday.  Details here

Captain’s Weekly News – 26th May

Captains WeeklySlightly belated Captain’s news from Ray…Captains News 26 May 15

Captain’s weekly news – 18th May

Captains WeeklyThis week’s update from Ray…Captains News 18 May 15

Mountain Bike Orienteering – Cannock Chase

meeeeeeeeeeeee1The British Mountain Bike Orienteering Score Champs is coming to Cannock Chase this year, organised by Midlands MBO. 27th & 28th June from Shugborough Outdoor Centre

A challenging 5 hours Championship event is accompanied by a 2 hour taster event for beginners.. (note: Juniors have to ride as a pair with an adult)

Details here