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On behalf of the club, a big “Thank You” to Alistair Powell, who stepped down as team leader for the Start team today after several years of leading from the front. Ali will be leaving Chasers at the end of the year, & we wish him the best of luck (but not too much!!) at his next club.


Organisers Comments:
Thank you to all who attended and enjoyed courses planned by Kevin Waters and Controlled by Sue Bicknell. Their teamwork, dedication to detail and continual focus on delivering quality courses required remote starts and finishes. These provided logistical challenges for the organisation machine but hope you appreciated the walk/run warm up as your course unfolded during the competition. 

I would like to apologise to those who arrived early without the assistance of signage and hope it didn’t detract from your event experience. Unfortunately a few gremlins beyond our control crept in. The location is notoriously difficult to sign with a plethora of confusing national signs, numerous route choices, dead ends and a history of locals finding it amusing to play games with temporary directions.  

I must thank Beaudesert Camp Warden Nigel Thacker and his team for their help and significant contribution in making your visit a pleasure, providing impeccable toilet facilities, and a registration area giving warmth and shelter from the brisk biting wind. I hope our final details and associated map helped in finding your away around this rambling site. 

Podium Catering (an up and coming midlands based company providing catering facilities to outdoor events) filled competitors with wonderful home made food, soup, cakes and a selection of hot drinks that gave an inner warmth on a very cold day.  I thank them for turning up despite the wind forecast that may have been enough for those with a lesser passion to cancel. 

Having an event spread over such a large area made it necessary for us to retain tight control over competitors leaving and returning from the competition area. Having clear and check boxes adjacent to the download enabled us to do just that, which is especially important at this time of year when daylight is at a premium.  As a cross check we also use a paper system and to our dismay many of those returning late had not put a car registration number or mobile on their registration form. During the heat of mass registrations such forms sneak through the net occasionally, I am sure we are not alone in this scenario  (it is something we will have to revisit again as a club).  

However on behalf of all event organisers I do ask the small minority to ensure they include these details at every event. It is so good to know beyond doubt that those outstanding on the course database are really out because their vehicle can be identified in the car park.  If required to instigate a search we then have total confidence it is for a real person and if necessary have no concerns on call upon additional emergency resources too.

Thank you again to all who attended and the silent, willing helpers who tirelessly turn out time and again to make events possible. 

Philip Green

Lost Property: 
1 mobile phone
1 pair of target dry waterproof trousers in a zip bag.

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