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Hi Everyone

Despite the previous few days heavy rain, we were blessed with plenty of sunshine on Sunday that allowed over 150 runners to enjoy themselves on a course which we have not been able to access for many years.

At the start of the day, our original plans to use the fields in front of Buxtons were squashed due to the wet ground, and so we had to relocate across the road in the Buxtons Garden Machinery carpark, where all the catering, amenities, registration, enquiries & download teams set themselves up.  The Parking team reacted brilliantly to the situation and got over 60 vehicles into the Buxtons car park to allow the field to dry  enough to let another 60 cars to park later in the morning.  The last runners finished before 2pm and we were all packed off both sites by 3.30pm – still enjoying the fine weather.

My thanks to all the participants who turned up and assumed that orienteering goes ahead whatever the weather.  Big thank you to all the teams within Walton Chasers – Parking, Start, Finish, Enquiries, Download, Registration for their help before, during and after the event.  Special thanks to the Parking team for turning their plans on a tuppence when the circumstances dictated themselves weather wise.

Thanks to for providing us with wonderful hot food and refreshments & the charity cake stall from the West Midlands Junior Squad who raised £90 on the day from providing all our juniors with well done treats from their participation.  Special thanks to Alison George from & who was there to help runners and volunteers recover from the exertions of the day.  Thanks to St Johns Ambulance & Loos Direct for their services on the day.

We also highly appreciated all the help and support given by the landowner Lucy Buxton from Buxtons who let us use the fields and car park facilities on the day, and Mark The Farmer for sorting just about everything else on the day, even helping to put up tents for everyone.

Well done to Matt Hartland (assisted by Kelvin) for the planning of what proved to be a technically challenging event both in terms of scope and physical size.  Look forward very much to working with you both on a future event.  Walton Chasers are indeed lucky to have such talented juniors in our ranks who can both orienteer at a great level but organise events too.  My thanks to Tony Feltbower from OD for Controlling the event and providing sage words of advice at all times.

See you at the next Chasers event



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