2 x 2 Relay – Shooting Butts – Results

Well done to everyone who braved the warm weather today for a (not at all competitive) relay training. An extra well done to the Juniors who all ran the exact same courses as the Seniors.

Full splits for each course can be found here.

Team results are:

PlaceFirst RunnerSecond RunnerLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4Total
1Dan Findlay-RobinsonJohn Robinson00:12:4000:18:0900:11:1000:14:4700:56:46
2Andy YeatesRay Collins00:14:5400:16:0600:12:5100:14:3700:58:28
3Andy LewisTammy Short00:18:1600:20:1400:13:4200:14:2101:06:33
4Dave BrownKelvin & Charlotte Dawson00:14:0500:25:5000:15:5000:13:5701:09:42
5Rebecca HindAndy Hind00:25:3100:16:3600:28:3600:15:4301:26:26
6Sam ThompsonClaire Stamp00:24:0400:24:4300:16:5900:21:5301:27:39
7Fraser StampIain Stamp00:40:3000:11:1300:36:0500:16:5101:44:39
Mary AdamsNeil Adams00:19:5700:19:5900:18:15MP
Rory HindSarah HindMP00:18:11MP00:17:22
Garry LangstonDave SmithMP00:19:24n/an/a

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